New Gaming Mat & Desert Terrain Coming To Flames Of War 4th Edition

January 19, 2017 by brennon

With a new Edition on the way, Battlefront is pulling out all the stops as they show off some new Desert Terrain and a Gaming Mat to make your gaming experiences in Flames Of War all the easier.

Flames Of War Gaming Mat

The Gaming Mat is double-sided allowing you to play out games in a desert landscape or on the rolling fields of some French battlefield. Measuring 6x4 it should do for most grand gaming tables and give you a good basis for throwing on all of that Battlefield In A Box terrain.

Gaming Mat In Play

It's always nice to see more companies diving into the world of mats because they give wargamers such an easier time of things. Sculpting and creating your own boards is fun but the practicalities of a gaming mat really do help to get us playing more.

Desert Terrain

Adding to such a mat will, of course, require some terrain and Battlefront are on target with that too as they announced a vast array of new pieces. We start with the always needed buildings...

Small Desert Houses

Medium Desert House

...which come in Small and Medium as well as a larger piece which you can check out on the links above. These are nice, simple buildings which have enough room on top for garrisoned troops and they do the job of blocking line of sight.

A desert also features rolling dunes which will not only be a pain for your vehicles to roll up but good for hiding behind, even in plain sight.

Large Dune

Extra Large Dune

While quite simple again these would help change the elevation and feel of the battlefield creating a bit more of a realistic 'sandbox' (pun intended) for you to play in.

Barries, both man-made and natural are also available giving you a few ways to funnel the action towards a central point on the battlefield.

Desert Walls

Desert Escarpment

I particularly like the look of the Escarpments. They are just rocks but I think the way they've designed the worn and battered rock face looks brilliant when you see it next to the mat.

Finally, it's time for the greenery to show through even in this arid landscape. Both the Scrub and Palms will give a bit more colour to an otherwise quite stark looking battlefield.

Desert Scrub

Desert Palms

While this kind of vegetation isn't going to stop a bullet it will make your battlefield look nice at the very least!

What do you think of this new set of terrain?

"Sculpting and creating your own boards is fun but the practicalities of a gaming mat really do help to get us playing more..."

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