The Great War British Next Up From Flames Of War!

August 18, 2014 by brennon

Flames of War will be reinforcing the British army as they push through the trenches in The Great War. See what you think of this pair of tanks and of course some infantry support to follow it up...

Mark A Whippet Tank

Mark IV

The first tank is the Mark A Whippet that was a departure from the more commonly seen Mark IV tanks that you see pictured below it. It was decidedly quicker than the others and while it wasn't as adept at punching its way through fortifications it was perfect at effectively nullifying infantry charges. At Cachy seven Whippets held up an entire two German infantry battalions.

HQ & Rifle Platoon

Machine-gun Platoon

Alongside the tanks are the infantry sets for both the HQ and the Machine Gun platoons. These are the kits that you'd normally get inside the pair of Great War sets that were available earlier this month but now allow you to boost that force to a new level.

That's a fair amount of Great War troops to pick up!