Kelley’s Heroes Fight Giap’s Guerrillas In Flames Of War Brown Water Navy

May 8, 2015 by brennon

Flames of War Brown Water Navy, which takes you into the river based battles of Vietnam, has two new sets for both the US and PAVN. See what you make of both Kelley's Heroes and Giap's Guerrillas...

Smoke On The Water

The first of these sets is for the Americans and features a more historical Kelley's Heroes. You get a range of  cool looking river boats alongside the infantry you need for 15mm warfare...

Kelley's Heroes (Front)

Kelley's Heroes (Rear)

"Thomas Kelley served in Vietnam as a lieutenant in command of River Assault Division 152, part of the Mobile Riverine Force. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions on June 15, 1969, when he led a mission to extract a US Army infantry company from the bank of the Ong Muong Canal in Kien Hoa Province."

It almost seems a shame that you'd have to get off these massive river craft to actually complete the missions for the tabletop game since you could just unload a mass of firepower from the range of turrets atop these boats.

Attacking From The Shadows

Facing off against Kelley's Heroes we have Giap's Guerillas who have a mass of infantry pouring out of the woodwork alongside their small fishing boats that once again would be perfect for ambushing those American troopers...

Giap's Guerrillas (Front)

Giap's Guerrillas (Rear)

"You have answered the call and lead a dedicated group of resistance fighters from the National Liberation Front. You fight for a unified Vietnam under the skilled leadership of General Giáp and that moment is closer than ever. Plans are in motion to launch a surprise assault on all of the traitorous government centres in the provinces of South Vietnam. In one fell swoop, we shall depose the imperialists."

It must have been a really intense time when you think about the knife edge fighting in Vietnam. There would have been sideways glances and nervousness on both sides with fighting about to break out at any moment.

Which side would you be on?

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