Limited Edition Flames Of War Pins Now Available

June 30, 2020 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures has something a bit different for Flames Of War fans this week. Recently, they offered up a new set of Big Four Limited Edition Pins which you can snap up if your an avid fan of tanks and World War II wargaming.

Big Four Collectors Pins - Flames Of War.jpg

Start Your Flames Of War Army @ Store.OnTableTop

The set of pins are designed to show your support for the Americans, Germans, British and the Soviets and feature some iconic tanks from these particular factions. They show off tanks like...

  • Panzer IV - German
  • M4A3 Sherman - American
  • Cromwell - British
  • T-34 - Soviets

This gives you a nice selection of options and maybe you could even look at picking up a few different pins so that you can add them to your favourite gaming bag. These are only going to be available for a limited time so make sure to check out the link above to go and take a closer look at them.

Big Four Collectors Pins Strap - Flames Of War

Big Four Collector's Pins // Flames Of War

Which of these would you rather pick up to pin onto your bag? I don't have a favourite tank from the bunch but I like the design for the British one personally. I think that the red and brighter green works very nicely.

Are you going to be snapping these up?

"Which of these would you rather pick up to pin onto your bag?"

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