Mid-War Reinforcements Air Dropping Into Flames Of War

October 17, 2019 by avernos

The middle of November sees two new booklets being released for Flames Of War. Both of them bring in airborne formations for Axis and Allied nations.

If you fancy trying your luck to win a copy of each of the books you can visit Battlefront's Facebook page and ask any questions you have about the books, lists, or future plans from the Author Wayne Turner which will be answered in an upcoming interview.

Death from Above

Death From Above gives formations and support for the mid-war German and Italian forces. Having just released the late-war fallschirmjager forces it's an ideal time to see this book as the vast majority of what is available can be used in both periods with minor changes in each direction. No Dice No Glory has been lucky enough to look at the book and Tom has done a great breakdown of what to expect in the book and from the lists, so it's worth checking that out.

All American.

Not to be outdone by the Axis the US get both Airborne and Ranger lists in their All American book. Again the guys at No Dice No Glory have done a terrific job in detailing the ins and outs of the airborne and ranger lists.

Both of these booklets are only around 20 pages and I'll be interested in seeing where Battlefront take these in the future and if they have any plans to expand them. In previous editions of Flames of War, we would often see pairs of books like this and later on, they would combine them into a larger book that contained additional content that couldn't be squeezed into the smaller initial release. I'm hoping that we see something like that this time around as well as there is doubtless more to explore for these troops in the mid-war period.

I'm intrigued by these as I've started building up my own US Airborne force for late-war and to date, I've never used or indeed seen, an on-table airborne drop. Having watched Phil's video...

...I am going to be looking at this in much more detail!

What do you think of this peek ahead for Flames Of War?

"What do you think of this peek ahead for Flames Of War?"

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