Obliterate Tanks With New Flames Of War Releases

August 9, 2019 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures has been showing off four new releases for those taking on the US in games of Flames Of War. The focus here is very much on blowing up tanks and other sorts of armour kicking off with the M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon.

M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon - Flames Of War

First used in North Africa, the M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon is great at smashing through German formations. After its success there it then went into battle in Normandy and was used pretty much throughout the war, destroying tanks all the way to Germany itself.

Keeping with the theme of blowing up armour we also have the 3-Inch Tank Destroyer Platoon.

3-Inch Tank Destroyer Platoon - Flames Of War

These guns were created so that they could hopefully blow a hole right through the front armour of a German tank. They were key to defensive set-ups as the Allied army pushed forward and they could even ambush well too, being drawn into new positions.

Field Artillery Ranged In

We also have the 105mm Field Artillery Battery which was used across North Africa, Sicily, Italy, and Normandy.

105mm Field Artillery Battery - Flames Of War

Well-trained troops could drop an extraordinary amount of ordnance on the enemy. You get a whole bunch of awesome guns in the set as well as the crews you need to operate them. All of it is in plastic too.

Air Observation

As well as these additions to the army on foot we have something for spotting enemies from the air. The L4 Grasshopper Observation Post is soaring across the skies.

L4 Grasshopper Observation Post - Flames Of War

Taking to the skies, rain or shine, these planes would soar across the skies spotting German army movements and then calling in artillery strikes. They were the bane of the German army but all of their work was done at very great risk. Because they had to spot and call in artillery strikes they had to hang in dangerous airspace for a long time and that meant that they could easily be hunted down by enemy aircraft and AA guns on the ground.

Will you be adding these into your World War II army?

"They were the bane of the German army but all of their work was done at very great risk..."

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