Italian Terrain & The Great War Comes To Flames Of War

June 19, 2014 by brennon

The folks of Flames of War have been talking a lot about fighting in Italy over the last few weeks and while you could say any green board is a field in Italy it would be great to make it look more accurate. So, see what you think of the Italian Houses and Walls that could be your troops next holiday home...

Italian Houses (Front)

Italian Houses (Rear)

Taking a look at the houses they have plenty of firepoints but of course the main thing is that those roofs can come off and you can fit a few bases of troops in there to take cover from enemy fire and secure parts of the board. I love the idea of building-to-building combat and this is equally so in a more rural place like the countryside of Italy.

Italian Walls (Front)

Italian Walls (Rear)

As well as the houses they've also come up with a selection of walls for you to use to give that authentic feeling of Italy to your board. You even get yourself a little shrine that sits on the side of the road and maybe it will bring your troops some good luck.


As well as all this gubbins about houses and walls there is a whole host of World War I goodies coming your way towards the end of the summer. In partnership with Wargames Illustrated Flames of War will be offering rules and army lists for British and German troops during this tightly fought conflict. Not only that but there are miniatures too!

British Tanks

German Tanks

You can take a look at some more of the Great War upgrades and such by following this link HERE but below is also a snippet of what you're getting in these army lists for a very different kind of war fought in Europe.

Biltz's Battlegroup

Mitchell's Marauders

Look for this around August this year in issue 322 of Wargames Illustrated and fight out some of the biggest battles in World War I. It's great to see that they have a real push of support for this period of history and as well known as World War II is World War I also should be remembered and learned about I reckon.

What do you think?