US Infantry Parachutes Into Flames Of War’s Late War

July 1, 2019 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures has been following up the release of their D-Day book for the Americans with a whole bunch of infantry to help support the push into Normandy in Flames Of War.

Parachute Rifle Company - Flames Of War

We start off with the Parachute Rifle Company which offers up a good selection of infantry for you to throw into your games. Whilst big tanks are good, infantry is key for holding objectives and they can be pesky to kill when hunkered down in cover. These soldiers were some of the best, giving everything they had in order to take and hold ground.

Supporting Guns

Next up we're looking at some additional artillery support which would also have made its way inland during the invasion. Here we have the Parachute 75mm Artillery Battery...

Parachute 75mm Artillery Battery - Flames Of War

...and also the Airborne 57mm Anti-Tank Platoon. Whilst some of these were brought in via the Horsa Glider, others were broken down and parachuted into the fighting. They could then be assembled by the soldiers on the ground and used to hound the enemy.

Airborne 57mm Anti-Tank Platoon - Flames Of War

Infantry was great during those initial skirmishes but once the Germans knew what was happening the need for bigger guns was essential. Once tanks and such start rumbling into position you need something a bit bigger than your rifle to deal with them!

Recon Options

As well as artillery the gliders were also able to bring vehicles into play. So, your parachute company will also get access to the Airborne Jeep Recon Patrol!

Airborne Jeep Recon Patrol - Flames Of War

Now you have highly mobile options for your force, rushing forward with machine guns at the ready to cover the advance of infantry and scout out the enemy position. These were nippy and could go pretty much anywhere so they were invaluable to the continued war effort.

Two other sets are also available including the Parachute Rifle Platoon and Parachute Mortar Platoon which could be good expansion options for some of those bigger boxes we've seen here.

I really like the idea of doing more with skirmishing infantry in Flames Of War rather than just turning to the big ol' tanks of World War II. We saw this demonstrated during the Battlefront UK Open Day which we highly recommend you take a peek at!

Will you be snapping up these new American units?

"Once tanks and such start rumbling into position you need something a bit bigger than your rifle to deal with them!"

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