Watch The Skies For New Flames Of War 4th Edition Releases

June 15, 2017 by brennon

Battlefront has some new pre-orders for you to consider as you continue to build on your desert war collection in Flames Of War. First off we have two sets of planes which are no doubt going to be running a fair few bombing runs on your hapless supply trucks.

Ju 87 Stuka Dive Bomber Flight

With a howl of engines, the first of these to check out is the Ju 87 Stuka Dive Bomber Flight which contains two fantastic looking aircraft.

These dive bombers would descend from on high and wreck whatever formation you might have set up on the tabletop. No doubt they are just as dangerous when it comes to the tabletop so you better get that AA ready.

Or, maybe you could counter it with planes of your own from the Hurricane Tank-Busting Flight.

Hurricane Tank-Busting Flight

Known as the 'flying can opener' these planes were deadly, diving out of the skies to rip holes through armoured targets with their machine guns. It also happens that Hurricanes are some of the coolest looking aircraft from World War II so you've got a treat awaiting you as a British player.

Armour Ahoy

Talking of armour, maybe the Hurricanes are focusing in on this new Panzer II Tank Platoon.

Panzer II Tank Platoon

Originally envisioned as a training tank these were rolled out as light tanks as the war rolled over Europe and Africa. They could deal with lightly armoured vehicles on the battlefield but were never a match for the larger vehicles out there belonging to the Allies.

Hide In The Scrub!

If you're the commander of a Panzer II Tank then maybe you'd actually like this coverage offered by the Desert Scrub terrain set?

Desert Scrub

These sets of bushes will help break up the vast swathes of yellow and brown that you're going to be used to seeing on the tabletop when it comes to desert warfare.

What do you make of the new releases?

"...maybe you could counter it with planes of your own from the Hurricane Tank-Busting Flight?"

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