Winters Comin’ to a Chilly Flames of War

September 24, 2012 by brennon

Battlefront have realised that with winter coming you might want to change up your battlefield in Flames of War. Check out these winter pieces that can be added to your terrain selection...

Frozen Ponds


First up are the Snowdrifts and Frozen Ponds which will be perfect for those villages and townships as the battle for Europe heads north towards Russia. It provides some dangerous terrain to be traversed too. Do you blast through the snow and ice or head around?

Log Emplacement Dug-In Markers

Log Emplacement Gun Pits

And you also have a selection of Emplacements for your guns. There is both an open Log Emplacement and then an Entrenched section which is filled with snow. You can check out the products in more detail through the links.

So will these be making an appearance on your Flames of War battlefield?