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    I’m actually from the US, haha.  And not only from the US, but from Pennsylvania, probably the most Antebellum of all states (Or it was, I’ve lived out West for a decade now).  Between field trips and the Gettysburg Convention Center I’ve been to the battlefield probably a dozen times.  The lack of ACW buildings in the range is a valid question, especially since it really wouldn’t take very many buildings to do most battles.  Just some farmhouses, churches, and brick town houses.  Maybe some basic warehouses.  And Brigade Games actually already do some excellent 2mm ACW stuff.  But I should really get to it myself.

    Now, that said, my Library actually has all the figures you need for the ACW.  I have infantry in 2 ranks, with and without flags, and I think I have two rank infantry companies in proper formation for 1:1 action.  I think that the Deployed British Infantry bases would actually work fine for most ACW companies.  I’d need some more variety in company size to represent casualties though.   That’s just for the deployed figures.  I have a LOT of different varieties of the infantry blocks that you can use to create 1:1 regiments if you want (or 2:1, 3:1, etc).

    The artillery, arty, and command bases are split into “with bicorne” and “with shako/kepi.”  You can use the latter for the ACW.   I have painted samples on my webpage.  But like I said, you are right, I’ve sort of neglected the ACW on the website.  And, for that matter I have an entire range of Renaissance figures with pikes in the Library, but I’ve never had a chance to do those justice.


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    They look great, and now I need to find a friend with a 3D printer…


    thanks for the the heads up. Am hoping I can revisit my naps proper in the not too distant future so I have a familiar feeling of impending wallet light-ness!

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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