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Bolt Action Supply Drop Box June 2021:

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    Bolt Action Supply Drop Box June 2021: Operation Coastal Incursion

    Been doing some quick napkin calculations on the content of the warlord supply drop. As of now they list 322 in stock, last night it was 325 so so far i know they have sold 3 but 300+ seems a bit optimistic. Guaranteed in each box is:
    1 Box of Plastic Infantry
    1 Resin Vehicle
    1 Metal Blister
    1 Rulebook or Campaign book relating to the miniatures.

    And at least 50% added value (so £75). The theme is D-Day and theres a strong hint its US though they dont explicitly state as such. They have also said the contents are the same for every box this time.
    Some quick ways of getting that cost:
    1 Rulebook or Campaign book £20 (£15.99 min) 1 Plastic Infantry Box £30 1 Resin Vehicle £26 (£15 min) 1 metal blister £16 max? I’d expect £8 (£2.50 min) For the plastic infrantry kit that leaves these options of the US if you exclude marines and take into account they no longer sell the old US Infantry Kit (though they may be flogging it off), Im not sure on the ranger set as its part metal – US Infantry – WWII American GIs – Rangers lead the way! US Rangers boxed set – US Airborne plastic boxed set

    For the rulebook it could be one of the following based of a US theme, i suspect it will be one of the older books
    D-Day: The US Sector campaign book (pre order)
    Bolt Action Campaign: D-Day: Overlord
    US Army Pam Booker

    Theres plenty of resin vehicles, these range upto £26, I’m tempted to say it would be a tank such as one of the shermans they want to clear stock of? – Jeeps or Trucks (£15-20) – Stuart’s (£21) – Shermans etc, £24-26 The metal blister could be almost anything thoug I suspect it would fall in the standard £8 mark, might be some form of gun? – HMG / Mortar Team (£8) – Artillery anti tank (£13)


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    Its seems warlord might have learnt some lessons from their past myster boxes by keeping these on a specific theme while still keeping the mystery.

    Value wise i think it potential could be quite good, if your intrested in the theme but I worry similar to the past boxes are warlord just clearing out old stock?

    Worth nothing you get and can use warlord medals on thise you you could get it for less that the current price.

    My biggest worry without seeing the content would be they flog off the old US infantry kit which would be annoying for most i suspect and some obscure resin vehicle you would never use.

    On the positive side, theres some nice warlord resin shermans which would be good to get and this could work out as a cheaper starter army deal?


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    Count started at 500 units, 313 remaining in stock at time of posting, so seems to be reasonable take-up. I’d also note “Guaranteed to be found in each of the monthly boxes are:” suggests the 1 box/book/vehicle/blister may be a baseline or minimum for each of the monthly boxes, rather than a total content listing, so there may be some additional content (sprues, blister?) to push the value to the GBP75.

    Finally, your point on this perhaps being used as a means to shift old stock is a valid one, but I’d also suggest that if they are intending on making this a regular thing then the first month or 2 are likely to have high perceived value so as not to discourage people from jumping in on the pack in future months…


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    Count started at 500 units

    Good to know @evilstu, i missed out checking it when it initially released so does seem reasonable take up. Also 500 of the same resin vehicle, poor caster!

    Based on the quick maths i did its easy to get to the £75 mark with just the guaranteed contents, I’m similary interested in if they will include anything above that as the perceived value isnt that fantastic once you take into acount starter armies such as US Airborne foing for £32.50 and the like.

    Interested to see what you get in this and the next few boxes, while i think the perception of value is inflated they could still be a good way of picking up some addtional minis.

    I’m still considering picking one up as I’ve a decent ammount of warlord medals to get a nice discount on it and could always potentially split the parts I dont like and ebay them. I’d mostly be intrested in the resin vehicle as theres some nice kits warlord do.

    They also dont say this is excluded from returns either.

    I’ll keep this topic updated with the stock sold just before it goes off sale, what its contents where and also possibly create a topic for any future releases, just as a point of reference for anyone whos interested in these in the future.



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    I like the idea of starting a new army semi at random. I might have a play if the theme ticks round to Eastern Front.



    Yeah, been humming and hawing over this one myself since they announced it. Having just got a bunch of FoW to paint, I’m not in a rush for more WW2 but it seems like a good way to start dipping into new areas. I don’t have any issues with them putting old stock in, that’s the nature of business and I’d rather they found a way to move it on than leave it so long it ends up being written off and in landfill. Hopefully this one will be successful for them and in the future they might do ones for their other games.

    Just glad to see that they have listened to the community criticisms of the blind boxes from before.

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