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Full Tilt is back!

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    Anyone remember Full Tilt? It’s back.


    I’ve never really been a fan of fantasy – sci-fi (and particularly cyberpunk) have always held much more appeal. But it’s a while since I made any whimsical, unnecessary electronic gadgetry. And seeing this got me thinking…..

    It’ll probably be a year-round project, and I’ll be lucky to be anywhere near complete by Xmas – but I’m really in the mood for having some motors and magnets and RFID cards and a whole heap of unnecessary nonsense built into a diorama-masquerading-as-a-game. In fact, it got me so inspired as to start up my Nerd Club blog again (last seen some time back in about 2019). As much as I’d love to use the project system here on OTT to document progress, it’s – frankly – unreliable and horrible to use. So I’ll be posting updates over at

    But this wasn’t a post to promote my (new) blog. It was to share my excitement for a fantasy(ish) game.
    My Anycubic Mono is already shivering at the prospect of printing out horses and tents and medieval terrain (ok, I might do a little scratch-building there too). Highland Miniatures – I can see you there, over on myminifactory. I get paid in a few days…. what have you got?



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    this is soo confusing …

    Isn’t Full Tilt the kickstarter featuring halfings on ponies that TTCOmbat are doing ?

    Is GW deliberately doing this ?

    oooh … I see they need to sell their super expensive kniggets on horse.

    I wonder if anyone has told them that both 3D printing and other companies exist 😉


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    TtCombat’s is Half Tilt. If they’ve got under GW’s skin to that extent, rushing this out is quite the compliment.


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    I thought that the Half Tilt name was just a cheeky nod to the original game anyway. And GW pushing (a half-arsed remake of) theirs out is just a way of saying “hey, everybody, don’t forget where the idea for this originally came from!”

    The original Full Tilt game was published in White Dwarf in the 90s(?). Back when we were encouraged to supplement GW minis with other stuff, not buy everything exclusively from them.

    FWIW this is the perfect type of miniatures game for me.
    Low model count (for the bare basics – there’s every chance I’ll still be painting crowd members and ancillary miniatures for it, years from now) fast-paced, simple rules, doesn’t require dedicated hardware (the original rules talk about using playing cards). A lovely mix of strategy and skill (like rock-paper-scissor). But it also has an element of fun and even RPG and character/list-building, so you can really get immersed in the fluff if you like, without taking itself too seriously.

    For me, that’s the perfect miniatures game!

    There are loads of places I can pick up STLs for medieval knights on horses. GW might hold out to the very end, but eventually they’ll have to recognise that 3d printing is a thing!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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