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Necromunda Gang Cards now last chance to buy?

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    Just noticed this over on the GW store page, anyone know if these are now going to be oop (or are GW going to repackage them)?

    Also noticed (not sure if BoW covered this) that FW have done alternate heads for nearly all the gangs (the Goliath ones are REALLY nice), just the latest gang to hit the shelves yet (at 12 quid for 12 heads).

    Still if you intended to get some of the Gang specific cards, you better move fast as they might be gone for good 🙁




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    Very disappointing.   They’re currently only selling cards for 4 gangs on their website – for the gangs I’ve already got.   Never did manage to find Van Saar or Orlock.



    Cheers for the heads up. Just managed to grab some for my gang.


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    Yup, bit worried by this move. Does this mean the GW (mainstream) is now dropping future Necomunda (leaving it all to FW from now on)?

    I know there’s some plastic Ambull coming (so that’s GW), but the question is more along the line of support for future rules, campaigns (ie paper based product). Seem strange that the Gang Cards are disappearing (when they are fairly important to play, not essential but they do give some extra characters to each of the Gangs). The Van Saar ones sold out almost immediately (probably because nearly everyone plays Van Saar as they are a bit OP compared to the other gangs), and with the few that are still available now last chance to buy it looks like they’ll not be doing a reprint.

    My only hope is that perhaps they decided to do a bundle of all that gang cards in one set (although I really feel I’m clutching at straws here, because they have quietly gone around removing the existing cards with no fanfare of a new format in purchasing them in the future).

    Forge World continue to release product (I’ve bought a few weapon packs and head packs), but their characters ranges are a bit expensive (and the main rules make using Hired Guns VERY expensive in points cost to the point that no-one uses them in a campaign…..which I’d imagine hurts sales for these character minis). So not sure if future books might come from FW themselves (akin to the publications they do for 40K), but it’s all gone a bit quiet from GW head office about the future of Necromunda 🙁



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    No future Arbites?  And what else is there for the range?

    Scavvy is almost covered by the ascetics of Cawdor. And I read a GW interview that said there were no plans for Redemtionists 🙁



    I’m not sure I’d be too worried about this, it seems to be a pattern with GW, I was thinking a it whether or not to pick up cards for Gloomspite Gitz and then all of a sudden they were showing up as last chance! Gloomspite Gitz certainly aren’t going anywhere any time soon but sure enough the cards are now gone….



    It was addressed on one of their Twitch streams that they have production issues with the company that normally prints the cards and are working to getting that resolved, so they can go back in print. They’ve also said they’re releasing Necromunda card sleeves soon as well, so if they were planning to stop making cards it would be rather weird to have those come out but no cards to be able to buy to put in them.

    It’s a shame they don’t make mention of this on the store website and/or warhammer community page, as I see this same question come up almost daily on various forums and Facebook groups where people have spotted the same thing, but have no context as to what’s going on.


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    @ardnut : the ‘new’/’modern’ GW may be a lot more open about various things, but they’re still a long way from telling everything to outsiders/consumers.

    Plus chances are that any mention of shortages might send people into a buying frenzy, which isn’t (always) good.


    Necromunda has two new big monsters announced (ambull and ambot ?). So it looks like the production issue with cards is the only reason they’re not in stock.

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