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Necromunda Vs Aristeia! advice

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    Hi all,

    Looking for advice, knowledge and opinion (both grounded a wild) on which game would work better for me?

    I like the look of both Necromunda and Aristeia! but can’t decide which would work better for me. I’m looking for a game that is easy to play a game quickly without too much set up, hence the board game leaning. I enjoyed Dreadball but not Blood Bowl and have found nostalgic memories of Necrumonda although I never played it properly (bought GorkaMorka and DiggaNob instead).

    Which should I go for?

    Cheers in advance.




    I know nothing of Aristeia, so I will give my impression of Necromunda.

    New Necromunda, played just using the tiles means it really is easy to setup and take down. Campaign play is fun, and the models are of course all predominantly plastic.

    Rules wise little has changed from classic Necromunda/Gorkamorka other than the turn sequence of alternating activations. Which really does improve the game massively and create some good tension. Also the boxed game is good value and has plenty of gameplay in there to begin with. Beyond that the 3 extra books give you more gangs, more weapons, hired guns, exotic pets, more missions, and of course rules for 3d terrain play, so in terms of scope, Necromunda has a larger one if you do want to go beyond tile based play.

    Also note, just because Necromunda is on tiles doesn’t mean it is grid based movement. It is still all measured like a trad skirmish game.


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    I think that Aristeia! would work better for you. It is a fast paced, easy to learn, hard to master, Board Game. Set Up is quick and easy, drop the board, some marker, miniatures and dice, add the cards, voila. You don´t need any terrain for it.


    I personally prefer Necromunda, but what you describe in your post sounds like Aristeia!



    Necromunda on the tiles is awesome, and it gives you the option to expand into fancy terrain too if the mood hits you. Probably has a higher cost though too I suspect if that’s an issue.


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    Don’t forget the model count per team.

    Necromunda gangs are much bigger, which means a lot more hobby time to get it up to an acceptable standard for tabletop.

    The models in the core of Aristea! are all pre-assembled plastic and there’s only 8 of them. The expansions add another 4 per box.

    btw :
    Don’t forget about guildball and godtear ( the kickstarter may be finished ,but the rules are free)


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    I’m an Aristeia fan myself.  It’s quick and easy to learn but you can play forever trying to master it.  I love the models as the count is low but their standard is high as they are all amazing to look at, as is all Corvus Belli miniatures.





    I play both games. Aristeia plays faster, is easier to set up, simple to learn yet very deep so it fits what you are looking for better.

    Necro allows for a more narrative game though and its also better on the hobby side, conversions, basing and such…


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    I’ve not played Airsteia so can’t comment on that.   I used to love Necromunda but played my first demo of the new version at the UK Games Expo last month.

    And it was a lot more fun than I was expecting.   I thought it would be mostly nostalgia and that the game would feel very old fashioned, but it was actually really good.

    A lot of the original mechanics show through but have been changed slightly to make them simpler, faster and more thematic.   And there are a few really new changes – like the alternating turn sequence – that really help the game.

    If you like the setting and the look of the miniatures, it’s a really good game.



    Argh! Now the new Kill Team has been thrown into the mix! Who want a kidney?

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