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No Thank You, Evil (Family RPG)

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    If you have ever been looking for an interesting gateway drug…err…game to drag your kids and family into roleplaying, or if you work with kids and are looking for an interesting activity for them, then the “No Thank You, Evil!” RPG by Monte Cook Games might be the answer you seek.

    The award winning game released in 2016 and its expansions have already been a great success…so much so that MCG is in need of a reprint.  That’s why they are running this Kickstarter with one week to go:

    Enter Storia: The Land Next Door
    No Thank You, Evil! is set in Storia: The Land Next Door. It’s a world seen through children’s eyes, home to all the elements of kids’ imaginations: Dragons and dinosaurs, faeries and elves, race cars and robots, and all sorts of fanciful creatures. Players’ characters in No Thank You, Evil! are kids who have been specially chosen to help save Storia from evil. Accompanied by their companions and their handy I Gotchyer Back packs (living creatures that carry the characters’ cool stuff in their bellies), characters venture into Storia to save the day!

    Sadly the wife and I don’t have kids in our present or future (other than us two big kids), but I’m supporting the Kickstarter because it is a great concept and I hope to run some family friendly demos and games at my FLGS and a local convention next year.  I’ve got a great-niece that is about the right age that I’m getting a copy of the game for…and if I’m not able to get enough use out of my copy, I can always donate it to a local school, children’s hospital, or library.

    Check the game out for yourself and see if it is something you and your family might find enjoyable.

    For the kids!






    Hmmm…the last link was a video.  Hopefully this is the website location…


    Doesn’t look like I could edit my last post.



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    Always keep an eye out for stuff like this. Several of my long-term gaming groups now have kids who in recent years have been getting to an age where they can play games and are always looking for RPG’s that are kid friendly both in terms of content and rules depth.



    i brought this one up a couple of months back when there was a discussion on games for young children.

    not played it myself, no kids. but like you said it comes out of Monte Cook games who are probably making the best RPGs in the industry right now and its won more than a few awards. from what i’ve read its pretty phenomenal at teaching very young children story telling. incredible stuff really that should be used in schools if you ask me.



    Yeah, I remember trying desperately to get my young niece and nephew interested in gaming (and their dad and mom) with D&D 4E.  Love or hate the system, it was NOT a good gateway game for young kids.  Or I wasn’t GM enough to make it work.

    From what I understand there are a lot of teachers and councilors already using NTYE! as a storytelling, creative, social skill building, &/or therapeutic device.  Always happy to help endeavors of this sort.

    Here’s a play-thru-video being run by a 12 year old (one of the creator’s children?) for a group of four younger kids without parental/adult direction.  It was a fun viewing and really showed the ease and versatility of the system and game components.



    New update (you’ll have to go to the actual update to use the embedded links I believe):

    It’s the Final Week—Let’s Have Some Fun!

    Today we entered the final week of this short Kickstarter campaign—it ends on Tuesday! We’re super happy to have crossed the $30,000 mark today, meaning we’re now more than three-quarters of the way to funded.

    And you know what happens after we fund, right? We get to start thinking about stretch goals! More on that just below, but first:

    Let’s Make Tomorrow Special
    We’re going to do something fun tomorrow, and we’d love it if you took part. In celebration of our final week, we’re going to hold a one-day mini backer drive. We’ll have details tomorrow, but the upshot is: If we meet a modest, one-day goal for new backers, we’ll add a nice reward upgrade to the campaign. So tune in tomorrow for details.

    An Interview with Rowan, 12-year-old Guide Extraordinaire
    Drop by YouTube this evening at 7:00 PM EDT (4:00 PDT) to catch a live interview with Rowan, the 12-year-old Guide in our No Thank You, Evil! game that was played live last week. (If you didn’t catch it then, you can watch it on YouTube now.) He’s going to talk about what it’s like to be a NTYE Guide, how to make the most of the game, and the ins and outs of playing an adventurous tabletop game with kids. The interview will happen at this link.

    Are You Going to Gen Con?
    With over 70,000 gamers converging on Indianapolis at the beginning of August, Gen Con truly is the best four days in gaming. If you’re going to be one of those gamers, come join us for one of our official No Thank You, Evil! games. Or better yet, run one for us, and get free content, swag, and maybe even a free Gen Con badge! It’s fun and easy—you can find the details here.

    Games for the Grownups
    Our warehouse sale is almost over! No Thank You, Evil! is our family game, but we also make loads of great games for grownups and older kids—Numenera, The Strange, and the Cypher System—and they’re all on sale now. But hurry: The sale ends tomorrow!

    Who Wants a Cloth Map?
    OK, about that stretch goal.

    If you look at that photo above of Rowan running his awesome No Thank You, Evil! adventure, you may have noticed something in the middle of the table. It’s a cloth map of Storia! Here’s another picture of it:



    As our first stretch goal, we’d love to make this gorgeous, 20” x 32” cloth map for YOU! The cloth map, which won’t be available in retail stores, will be an add-on for $20. OR, you can get it free in all backer levels at the BASIC BOX AND BEE MAIL! and above.

    So, if you’re backing at the $15 BEE MAIL! level, you’ll be able to add on the cloth map for $20, for a total of $35. OR, you can back at BASIC BOX AND BEE MAIL for just $20 more and get a copy of No Thank You, Evil! to keep or give away (plus any additional stretch goals that we hit for free). Help us fund and get to that first stretch goal by spreading the word!

    So, stay tuned for tomorrow’s backer drive. And from there we’ll move on to an exciting final week for this campaign!

    –Charles and the whole team at MCG




    hello . think like you said it leaves Monte Cook diversions who are presumably making the best RPGs in the business at the present time and its won in excess of a couple of honors. from what i’ve perused its really sensational at training extremely youthful youngsters narrating. unbelievable stuff extremely that ought to be utilized in schools on the off chance that you ask me.


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    I’ve already got all the peripheral, prior expansion content from the Kickstarter delivered.  We’re just waiting on the reprint of the core game and the new expansion funded in the Kickstarter to deliver.  As of the last update it still looks on track to deliver for the holidays.


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