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[Frostgrave] Two noobs in a frozen city. Advice on army building wanted.

Home Forums Fantasy Tabletop Game Discussions [Frostgrave] Two noobs in a frozen city. Advice on army building wanted.

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    Hello there. Since it’s getting flocking hot outside what better time to start (finally) with Frostgrave?

    I have terrain and minis and the core rule book. Terrain and minis are all build and painted.

    Now I need to build two teams. And here is where I ask for your help:

    What schools of magic are best for a game of two people who never played Frostgrave. What would be a “Ultramarine list”? Should I build two lists of opposing schools or do two of the same school?

    Help, advice and lists would be highly appreciated.

    Sidequestion: is there an army builder for Frostgrave? I liked “The Army Builder” way back when but that seem to have gone the way of the dodo?



    I have pretty much everything from Frostrgrave 1st edition and 2nd edition rules… but I never had chance to play.

    It’s one of those games I keep buying stuff for because I think… “well… it’s a cheap book… why not?”.

    I do want to play it, but I’m afraid I can’t offer much guidance. However…

    From what I recall… opposition school only limits what spells you can choose and the casting chance. Don’t see why it should make a difference if you’re opposing school, same school, or just a different school.

    Personally I’d just paint up a mini that I liked to look of and take that as inspiration for the school of magic. I’d use that colour scheme as basis for the apprentice and ‘troops’ to make them easier to identify on the battlefield.

    If you’re looking for some official resources like spell cards…



    Own the 1st edition rules, have not played yet myself but from the various battle reports I have read Necromancer always seemed to have a slight edge over the others but overall it seems mostly balanced (ie spellcaster choice does not seem to matter too much).

    The main objective of the game is looting treasure while battling off random monsters as well as rival wizards, you could actually do a whole campaign  where both players work together or simply stay out of each other’s way if you want and still have fun. You will likely go through minions while learning to play just from the monsters and while opposing schools should be at odds with one another game wise, that seems more like a guideline/suggestion that can be ignored.

    So with all that in mind, it might be best to start out with  mostly thugs and some archers, basically make warbands that maximizes the number of loot carrying bodies you control on the table for treasure gathering,  maybe add a dog handler or pack mule and gradually swap out or try new minion types.




    When I started playing, I barely knew the rules and then taught them to 3 other people X-D

    We all just went with what we thought was cool, what we liked the sound of, what appealed to each player.
    Each of us took a different school, and learned our school as we went, helping each other learn. So my advice would be not to worry about which school at the start. Learn the rules and the basics of spell casting and scenarios. You can always change school later and re-create a party. It’s not hard to level-up a wizard and apprentice if one player decides to restart but the other doesn’t want to.

    Sadly, that group fell apart as groups do. I’ve not played Frostgrave for a couple of years now. I feel like there was a reasonable crew builder app, but I preferred paper crew sheets. Yes, I’m like that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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