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    Just finishing up the final touches of my sdk.fz/251s and sdk.fz/234 for my Bolt Action Germans.

    Trying out using Army Painter Quickshade on some vehicles. I’m happy so far but some experimenting is needed!



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    I can start being active! My desk this moment! Finally able to upload directly from my iPhone! Which was really complicated on the old site! Rejoice! And Relicblade goodness being prepped for painting!


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    Pic is broken. 🙁


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    Completed my Stormcast with wings, was a fun model to paint. Easier than I first thought as well, tbh. Drubrush is you friend for this model… 🙂


    …and the pack pic, which is actually the coolest for this mini;



    Hmm..can’t see any pics. Can you see mine?







    Sorry guys we hope to have the photo upload bug quashed tomorrow at some point.

    Apologies, it didn’t rear its head in testing 🙂


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    Mutilators done except bases:


    The possessed will now get the same treatment. And this is my WIP from yesterday:


    Drag and drop looks like not working?

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    @suetoniuspaullinius Cool paintjob!


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    Just some work in progress




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    My Star Wars: Legion transportation and storage solution is reade… now for pictures… i’ll try linking from my blog. Edit_ works, pictures are better when clicked on

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    It is indeed, I picked up pretty much the entire collection of Ven Rier to go with my Alven Yard and Scylla.


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    Since there is still a bug with uploading pictures to the forums I will only post some finished work here. I have some work in progress stuff as well, but that will have to come later.

    This is Jagrimm the Swift, Sparrowhawk. This is from the latest Burrows and Badgers kickstarter from Oathsworn Miniatures.

    Here we have the Mouse Burglar you can or could get with the rulebook for Burrows and Badgers by Oathsworn Miniatures together with it’s unique scenario.

    This is the Inquisitor with Power Sword and Bolt Pistol by Games Workshop.

    The second of the pit crew of the Cerci Speed Circuit for Relic Knights by Soda Pop Miniatures. This second one was better than the first one I did in terms of sculpt or cast. I do however think that these should have been cast in either resin or metal instead of plastic.

    This is Isabelle from Hasslefree Miniatures. The base has some resin tree stumps from a different manufacturer added to it. I am not entirely happy with the paintjob I did on her, I might redo her some day maybe.
    This is the Lance-friendly picture and not a gif due to Lance being allergic to boobs on the Hobby Hangout.

    The Jet Pack Hero from the Time Lost Heroes series from Crooked Dice. My first attempt at doing smoke and I think it turned out great.

    I finished painting Rowena Von Graaf from Reaper Miniatures’ Chronoscope range.

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    I could never get photo uploads to work on the old site, so hoping this works.

    Here’s a tiny warband I put together for AoS skirmish. It’s a Stormcast Eternal and Champion of Khorne who have become unlikely allies. Some background for this came to pass is below if you’re interested.


    Niktor Blackbeard is a Knight Questor who has never been defeated and has never been reforged. He knows that he has a purpose, but he has wandered the realms for so long that he can barely recall what it might be. The black beard that gave him his name has long since turned to grizzled grey.

    Vargax Thrice-Gifted is blessed by Khorne, granted prowess beyond imagining. But he spends every waking moment trying to silence the voice that whispers deep inside his head, demanding violence and blood and skulls. Much of the time he succeeds.

    The two of them make unusual companions. They met in single combat, deep in the forests of Ghyran, and fought each other to an exhausted standstill. Since then they’ve wandered the realms together, in a relationship built on grudging respect and incredibly long and stony silences.

    They are followed by a ghoulish demon that has taken the shape of a winged baby. They have tried to escape it and they have tried to slay it, but the thing flickers in and out of reality on a whim, so now they simply tolerate it. The demon crouches beside their heads while they sleep and whispers mischiefs into their ears, setting the two of them against one another and filling them both with a constant paranoia. They do not know if the cursed thing is an agent of Khorne, of Sigmar, or of some other. They call it simply “The Rat”.


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    I’ve taken a break from my Skaven army (not my first break, and certainly not the last!) to paint up the PCs for an adventure I’m running.

    We have a Tiefling Warlock, Human Fighter (whose answer to most problems is “Let’s brew a nice cup of tea), Gnomish Sorceror (I know, he looks awfully like a dwarf 🙂 ), a Half Elven Rogue and an Elvish Sorceror, who tends to burst into song at inappropriate times.

    Still to come is a suave Half Elven Monk / Cleric / Con man crossover.



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