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    @sundancer Thank you.  I’m looking to update to modern standards.  I am coming around to the Wartrakks going baseless.  It will make them a hell of a lot easier to store.  I doubt the bike would stand up without a base though.  Bike bases are a standard size though so that’s simple enough.


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    @lawnor oh the bikes stand… sort of… at least as long as it’s a flat surface 😉


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    @sundancer I don’t feel the need to take my chances.  I’m probably going to give him a banner.  I imagine I’ll catch it with my sleeve every time I reach across the table.  I want him stable!



    WIP, but the face is done.IMG_1756


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    Just finished my Angry Neighbours expansion box for Zombcide.

    Keeping my work consistent with the game artwork generally but also trying to keep the zombies distinct game piece colours as themes.




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    @janus1004 great looking face sir. Those Conquest Games medieval archers are great. ?


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    @silverstars I love that plastic set of German minis. The SS and the grenadiers box are great too, but I really like the original set too.

    Nice basing and nice paint job. Keep plugging away and we’ll have a game sooner than 2025. ?



    Thanks @dugthefug1644! I do keep pluggin away, I just plug away at…everything. Case in point: Conan minis! Finally knocked out all the Bossonian Guard mooks and their dashing captain. Now to go on and figure out what to paint next. 😀






    @dugthefug1644 – Thanks for the kind comment! 🙂

    So, even though these were a pain to build they were a joy to paint. Perhaps the problems with assembly is worth it, I really like how they turned out. All have individuality and a well defined sculpt. I used the usual Scale75, GW , and ArmyPainter colours for this, but in addition the Vallejo Model paints “Japan Uniform WWII”, “Field Blue”, and “Russian Uniform WWII” helped with the muted tone I was looking for.




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    Those are great @silverstars . I’ve been looking at reference for Bossonians recently and I think yours are amonst the best I’ve seen. Hope you don’t mind me using yours as reference for my own,  currently waiting in the wings.20180804_194959

    Anyways my real reason for posting is to show what I’m focused on for the next bit. The restoration and repaint of this Ralpartha Great Red circa 1992. It got knocked some 15 years ago by a crazed Jack Russel and is now suffering a broken ankle, missing teeth, spines and a dated dusty paint job.

    BTW thats 1.7 kg of metal stuff in 1 mini.


    Edit: I suppose it’s not quite right to post dusty old mini’s but I love it so.



    Finished a new piece of terrain which I want to use for Age of Sigmar.

    And some Reivers which I will use for the new 40k Killteam game.


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    Started a genestealer Kill Team from the newly released box set without even lifting the sprue.

    I found out I would need increase my head count if I was going to field a full 100 points list.

    I hit the bits box and made this guy.

    He is a runt of the litter compared to the bulking aberrants from the official range, but felt he was adequate for my initial games of Kill Team. _20180805_024314




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    No real painting this weekend, but lots & LOTS of priming 😀

    2018-08-04 15.03.052018-08-04 15.01.47


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    Amazing work again in the thread guys, I’ve had a very busy week with little downtime, its all the work everyone posts that keeps me motivated to do some hobby when I have a few minutes. Last week, as well as my miniature orc, I posted the first work I;d done on a squad of legion stormtroopers. I’d done all the airbrushing, and have now done the first bit of the painting.

    I decided to go for something completely different, so took my grey/white troopers and washed them all over with a mix of blue and black vallejo washes to get me this.Stormtroopers-10

    Since then, I added a little highlight here and there, and then slapped some red ink on the weapons to see what it would look like. Not entirely sold on red weapons, open to opinions on that one please.

    Anyway, this is what I have now





    Need to make a choice on the weapons and then detail them, and base this stuff.

    Sharp eyed among you will have noticed one stormtrooper looks a little shorter, he came as a mismold with no feet. I call him stumpy. Have to think of a way t base him that hides the lack of boots .

    I will make a post on my project when I get time with some more images and a bit more detail of what I did, probably sometime in the week if I get a few minutes.


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    I have just completed the first figure in one of my two projects, this one being for the beautiful Red Book of the Elf King miniatures by Lucid Eye.

    You can find the project blog here:

    Red Book of the Elf King

    Here is Vachel Goldenhand with some standing stones painted at the same time.


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