Amazons & Witches Join Your Crew For Freebooter’s Fate

February 10, 2017 by brennon

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Freebooter's Fate welcomes some new wild miniatures to its crystal blue shores. See what you make of these new additions to their range, packed with character.

Atl Atl

Atl Atl is a pair of sisters who fight for the Amazons in the game. They use their javelins from long range to strike at the enemy and keep them at bay while darting for cover when needed.

Following on from them we also have La Bruja who is actually one of the specialist characters for the Amazons.

La Bruja

She is able to brew some brutal concoctions with that caldron of hers and when in a rage she even uses it as a weapon in battle. The corrosive contents can burn through even the thickest armour if you get caught in its splash!

What do you make of these two new characters?

"She is able to brew some brutal concoctions with that caldron of hers..."

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