New Imperial & Pirate Starter Boxes Get You Going In Freebooter’s Fate

December 17, 2018 by brennon

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To help you get going in Freebooter's Fate, the team has designed two new Starter Boxes for you to snap up, one for the Imperial Armada and the other for the Pirates.

Imperial Starter Box - Freebooter's Fate

The first of the sets for the Imperial Armada gives you El Venador as your leader as well as his faithful specialist Arrequin. You will also then get two crew to follow in your wake with the Assaltore and the Marine. Both this set and the Pirate one are set at 250 Doubloons as a benchmark to get you going within the game.

The Pirate set is the one that I think I'd go for myself, packed full of character as it is.

Pirates Starter Box - Freebooter's Fate

Inside the set, you get Rudio as the leader followed up by the cunning specialist Lieutenant Krud. You'll also get two Deckhands to fight by your side with the Cuchillo and a standard Pirate.

All of the figures have been sculpted in high-quality resin and are looking like they'd be a fantastic new project for someone looking for an alternative skirmish game.

Freebooter Miniature has been tinkering away on this game for a long time now and it has a really loyal following. I should be noted that these early versions of the boxed sets come with German cards but a new version will be out in 2019 with English versions too.

A Close Shave

As well as these two new sets there was also a new character released, Cortante.

Cortante - Freebooter's Fate

This fellow is a specialist character for use with the Brotherhood or as a standard Mercenary. He will not fight alongside the Amazons, however. I love his look, shaving blades at the ready and a swagger to his overall demeanour.

You could imagine him being very unassuming, maybe minding his business in the local tavern, only for him to whip out those blades and cut down his foes before they know the trouble they've stepped into.

Are you a player of Freebooter's Fate?

"Are you a player of Freebooter's Fate?"

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