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Coxey292s Question about Drop Pods in 6th Edition 40K


Darrell is asked an important question about 6th Edition Space Marine Drop Pods... a question that leads him to wax lyrical about their new effectiveness!

Is this the Ultimate Necron Cheese?


Can 6th Edition Necrons really do this? Darrell reveals a pretty substantial "loophole" for Necron players during the Relic mission in new 6th Edition 40K.

Flames of War Tips… Bogged Tanks


Matt has some tips on what to do about Bogged Tanks and how to use your infantrymen to help you out in your games of Flames of War.

Flames of War Tips… Defensive Fire & Assaults


Matt has some thoughts on how to get the most out of your defensive fire and what to look out for when making an assault with your infantry in Flames of War.

Assaulting with Warhammer 40K Characters


Are you having trouble with snap fire while assaulting? Darrell takes a moment to discuss some of the ways to improve your odds.

Have the Necrons Lost Their Punch in 6th Edition Warhammer 40K?


Darrell is asked a question about the Necrons. Have they really lost their punch in 6th Edition, or have they just changed their focus?

Kitting out your Sergeant in Warhammer 40K


What sort of stuff can you give to your squad sergeant? Darrell has some good ideas... check them out.

Flames of War Tips… Fighting Withdrawal


Matt and Andy discuss some strategic tips to consider when playing the Strategic Withdrawal mission in Flames of War.

How to Maximize Focus fire


Darrell has an idea to help you destroy those lurking enemy... focus your fire and don't stop shooting!

Placing Special Weapons in Warhammer 40K


Darrell has been asked a question about placing your special weapons in a unit... is there a best place?

Flames of War Tips… Free for All


Matt and Andy discuss how to win at one of the favourite missions in Flames of War... Free For All!

Flames of War Tip… The Cauldron


The Cauldron is one of the toughest missions in the Flames of War game... Matt sets us up with some advice on how to win... or at least how to survive!

Playing Keep Away with Space Marine Vindcators


Darrell has a handy Warhammer 40K tip to stop your opponent stealing an inch in order to get you into range of his big guns.

How to Beat the Wall of Death!


Darrell shows you a painful, but effective way to deal with that ferocious Wall of Death.

For the Greater Good! Tau Get a 6th Edition Boost


We get sent a tip to make Tau rock hard 6th edition butt kickers... or was it sent as a joke? You decide!

Warhammer 40K Psychic Powers: Pyromancy


The guys haven't pulled their punches on this new addition to 40K... and they really have it in for Pyromancy!

Warhammer 40K Psychic Powers: Biomancy


Powers of Mind & Body... but will the art of Biomancy be the discipline to crush our boy's spirit?

Warhammer 40K Psychic Powers: Telepathy


The new Psychic power rules for 40K have had a while to bed in. Andy & Darrell are embarking on a week long adventure to see what these new powers contain and whether they are of any use to your army.

Warhammer 40K Psychic Powers: Divination


They've had very few good things to say about Psychic Powers so far... but I predicts that Divination might be the one to change all that!

Warhammer 40K Psychic Powers: Telekinesis


Today we take a look at the telekinesis discipline... with it rock our world?

Flames of War Tip… Using Mortars & Smoke


Matt from Flames of War tells us about the strategic advantages to using smoke rounds in your infantry mortars.

Avoid that Derelict Fortress at All Costs!


Do you ever use a Fortress of Redemption or a Bastion as terrain? If you do you need to see this video!

You Can’t Charge What You Can’t See


Darrell is back to his old tricks! Today he has a closer look at the charges in Warhammer 40K and how you can mess with your opponent.

Drop Pods… who to put in them in 6th Edition 40K


Darrell and Andy talk through some of the best options to load out your Drop Pod and how to get them into action ASAP.

Imperial Guard Manticore Unboxed


Darrell opens a box containing an Imperial Guard Manticore.

Are Heavy Bolters the best weapon in 6th Edition?


Darrell makes the case for Bolters & Heavy Bolters ruling the land and sky in 6th edition 40K.

“Dragonslayer” Guard Veterans… are they the Death of Big Nids?


As you can now attach grenades to Monstrous Creatures, could those Demolition Veteran Guardsmen make them obsolete?

Make sure your Opponent Uses the Correct Charge Rules!


It's a common "mistake" in 6th edition 40K, but measuring assault distance can spell success or disaster in Warhammer 40K...

Is there an Optimal Placement for Models During an Assault?


The guys take a look at the effects of placing models with varying initiative either in the front row or second rank, during an assault in Warhammer 40K.

Vehicles Crushed by Hammer of Wrath?


Do jump pack Assault Marines now spell the end for AV:10 vehicles? Andy & Darrell investigate...

6th Edition 40K Losers: The Necron Command Barge


In the first of a series focusing on the winners and losers of 6th Edition Warhammer 40K. The guys look at one of those 5th edition mega-models that took a hefty dunt to its effectiveness... the Necron Command Barge.

Multi-Assault in 6th Edition 40K… is it ever worth it?


We're back to the business end of 40K as Darrrell and Andy take out a Space Marine Dreadnought and some Space Marine Scouts using those kings of close combat... the Tau?

Vehicles, Cover Saves & Tactical Movement in 6th Edition


Those smaller vehicles might have taken a hit in 6th Edition 40K. However, if you're stuck with them, is there a way to squeeze some tactical advantage out of them?

Is 6th Edition 40K the Death of the Dreadnought?


Taking a look at which models lost out, with the change to Warhammer 40K 6th Edition. Have Dreadnoughts taken such a blasting that they're resigned to the bottom of the box?

Gate of Infinity… who needs a Land Raider!


If you need to get those critical Assault troops to the other side of the board, quickly and safely... then the Space Marine Librarian is your friend... or at least your ally of choice.

Warhammer 40K 6th Ed. Landspeeders are now Awesome!


Darrell give's advice on how to load out your Landspeeder to take on the terrors of 6th edition.

40K Vehicles… Buy Extra Stormbolters!


Darrell has advice on lessening the impact of those pesky weapon destroyed results.

Flames of War Tip… Utilising the Stormtrooper Move


The German Stormtrooper move is a pain for most Allied opponents. Matt gives us some advice on how best to use it.

Should I ever Refuse A Challenge in Warhammer 40K?


Darrell is asked a question about when and if you should refuse a challenge during an assault.

Optimising Wargear for Unit Leaders


With the advent of challenges in Warhammer 40K 6th Edition. Darrell doles out some advice on the best way to kit out your Sergeant to take on those characters.

40K 6th Edition Armour Save Tactics


Darrell has been mining the new 40K book for a while now and has found what could be a handy little tactic for keeping your softer guys in a unit safe until there forced to take an armour save.

Power Fist Placement Tactics


Darrell gets the idea to place his Power Fist guy to the back of the unit to keep him safe until he and whats left of his unit get in to combat where the fist can get to work.

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