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Beat Em Up


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Unleash Epic Battles With Eagles Of Empire; Tabletop Wargame Meets RTS! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! On this week's show Gerry tempts John into the Franco-Prussian War with an epic game that mixes tabletop skirmish and real-time strategy together to produce a system that constantly asks questions about your tactics on the tabletop. Could this be the system needed to get John to start and break Gerry's resolve to stay away from yet another period?

Unboxing: Beat Em Up – Level 1 | Traders Galaxy

7 months ago 3

Gerry takes a look at Traders Galaxy's new range of 30mm modern street fighters for their brutal skirmish game Beat Em Up! If you've ever wanted to experience 1980's arcade action on the tabletop then this is your chance!

Warpath Goes Epic BUT Mantic Games NEED You! Could It Tackle Legions Imperialis? #OTTWeekender

12 months ago 22

It's OTT Weekender time! Mantic Games have announced that they are making Warpath at an epic scale but they need your help in trying to make it a reality. How should they approach bringing their epic Sci-Fi wargame to the tabletop? You can have your say and tell us if you think it could best Games Workshop's Legions Imperialis!

Traders Galaxy Launch Their Beat Em Up Game Kickstarter!


Traders Galaxy have expanded their games selection set in the Bot War universe with a new retro-inspired miniatures game called Beat Em Up! Their new Kickstarter is focused on bringing 30mm scale miniatures to the tabletop for a cooperative experience!

Traders Galaxy Bring 80s Inspired Beat Em Up To Kickstarter Soon!


Traders Galaxy are bringing the side-scrolling awesomeness of the 80s to the tabletop with their new 30mm game, Beat Em Up. This kick-ass fighting game is going to be available on Kickstarter soon and will offer up awesome resin miniatures getting stuck into hand-to-hand combat!

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