Traders Galaxy Bring 80s Inspired Beat Em Up To Kickstarter Soon!

July 7, 2023 by brennon

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Traders Galaxy are bringing the side-scrolling awesomeness of the 80s to the tabletop with their new 30mm game, Beat Em Up. This kick-ass fighting game is going to be available on Kickstarter soon and will offer up awesome resin miniatures getting stuck into hand-to-hand combat!

Beat Em Up Kickstarter Teaser

The Beat Em Up Kickstarter is going to introduce both heroes and villains for you to play alongside Bosses that you can come up against once you "complete the level". All of the miniatures will come in the high-quality resin that Traders Galaxy has been using for their existing games which is coloured so it's good to go even if you don't want to do any painting.

Tyrone - Beat Em Up

Tyrone // Beat Em Up

Set in the same world that Traders Galaxy has been exploring with Bot War and Rise Of The Democracy, I really like that there is this connective tissue running through their game lines. I also really love the proper 80s vibe that you get from the characters that we've seen in previews. You've got loads of very retro heroes, villains and bosses that wouldn't look out of place on a Saturday morning cartoon show.

Max - Beat Em Up

Max // Beat Em Up

Eugene - Beat Em Up

Eugene // Beat Em Up

The game is going to be coming to Kickstarter at the start of August and there is going to be a bonus character that you can pick up during the first forty-eight hours of the campaign. As well as the Kickstarter to look forward to, there is a chance to have a pop at the game already thanks to a free download you can get from the Traders Galaxy webstore.

Beat Em Up - Traders Galaxy

Beat Em Up - Draft Rules // Traders Galaxy

This set of expansion rules covers Level 1 and you'll need a copy of the 30mm Core Rules in order to use these and give them a test. As these are a draft, they are subject to change and if you like what you see here, you could always go on over to the Traders Galaxy Facebook Group to share your thoughts and chat with like-minded hobbyists.

Beat Em Up sounds like it could be great fun and it will be interesting to see how the whole "side-scrolling" vibe carries over into the game. Make sure to have a peek at those draft rules and let us know if you'll be backing this!

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"Make sure to have a peek at those draft rules and let us know if you'll be backing this!"

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