Unboxing: Beat Em Up – Level 1 | Traders Galaxy

December 25, 2023 by avernos

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Gerry takes a look at Traders Galaxy's new range of 30mm modern street fighters for their brutal skirmish game Beat Em Up! If you've ever wanted to experience 1980's arcade action on the tabletop then this is your chance!


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Drawing inspiration from 1980s video games and pop culture and blended into Traders Galaxy's own alternative 80s Beat Em Up is a way to play out a side-scrolling arcade game on the tabletop. With a host of heroes progressing through the streets of rage to unleash some rolling thunder on an army of thugs and goons until they reach the big boss and hopefully take them out.

The first collection is Level 1 and with it, you have six heroes, five bosses and a host of thugs to beat your way through while collecting cash, weapons, and extra lives. The resin miniatures capture the aesthetic of the time wonderfully and the game looks like it will be a fantastic one against many with hours of replay as long as you have the credits!

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