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Exploding Kittens



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Exploding Kittens Gets a Hollywood Makeover In Standalone Exploding Minions


As if Exploding Kittens was not already in every single household, but you can pre-order all the fun of the game, but with a lot less violence to fluffy cute animals, and more violence to some pesky little minions. The popular film, Despicable Me is known for its Minions alone, and designers and publishers Exploding Kittens LLC, has now teamed up to make their first collaborated licenced product entitled Exploding Minions. 

Tacocat Spelled Backwards; Exploding Kittens’ First Board Game


For those who are a fan of the ever-so-popular party game Exploding Kittens (who isn't?! If you are not, you should check it out!), the wild and wacky brains behind The Oatmeal comics have newly released their first board game, Tacocat Spelled Backwards. A game of strategy, luck and instinct.

Love Oldhammer? Read This! PLUS Epic Sci-Fi Terrain & WIN 40K Kill Team: Pariah Nexus #OTTWeekender


This week on the OTT Weekender! A fantastic set of Sci-Fi terrain PLUS we get all nostalgic. If you love Oldhammer you'll want to read this new fanzine!

Quarantined Kittens – Socially Distanced Exploding Kittens


Exploding Kittens is one of my favourite party games. From Matthew Inman and Elan Lee - the geniuses behind The Oatmeal comics, they have designed a game that is quick and easy to pick up, and easily accessible for people who aren't used to reading through a rulebook of intense game mechanics.

Get In On Whole Sale Cat Carnage in Exploding Kittens Kickstarter!


A new card game has appeared on Kickstarter that appears to have everyone excited, having already gone over the £3,000,000 marker (at time of writing). It's time for a game of Exploding Kittens!

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