Undead Chaos & Manipulation Comes To Zombie Kittens

June 27, 2022 by fcostin

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Exploding Kittens can be pretty lethal in my house. We often have arguments about certain players ganging up around the table. The more-competitive members tend to call the others cheating if they are losing, later realising exactly why their opponents have teamed up against them in the first place, leaving them with an Exploding kitten to the face.

The tables have turned, bringing a new cut-throat environment to Exploding Kittens, allowing players to be resurrected and back into the game, after they have been blown to smithereens.

Zombie Kittens - Exploding Kittens

Zombie Kittens // Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens announced that they will be releasing Zombie Kittens this year, as either a standalone or expansion experience. Meaning that if you wanted to combine this new deck with your core set and tailor the game to the resurrection as you see fit with a wider bank of cards - you can. Or if you wanted to start a fresh, simple game with resurrection added to the mechanics from the get-go - you can indeed!

The game is still fundamentally the same - players will be avoiding their explosive death. And you can only win the game if you are alive. However, once players have stumbled upon an exploding kitten they will be able to keep hold of their cards and stay in the game as a zombie. To torment those who are still alive.

How To Play - Zombie Kittens

How To Play // Zombie Kittens

Rather than watching a head-to-head battle of two after all others have dropped - all players can be involved until the very end!

The Zombie Kittens game will include the new mechanics which will allow fallen players to get back in the game, but there will also be some new cards with more awesome and strange artwork from Matthew Inman, the creator of The Oatmeal. These will allow players to mess with the deck to make those alive even more frustrated than normal!

New Cards Preview 2 - Zombie Kittens

New Cards Preview 2 // Zombie Kittens

The game has been floating around in US Retail, with a release earlier this month in Target, and a later release to Walmart this August. So if you are in the States, you can wander down to your mass supermarkets and grab yourself a set.

The resurrection mechanics will certainly work in your favour if you have been sneakily working with others in Exploding Kittens. Although there can only be one winner, it's always beneficial to keep some friends even closer to help your overarching strategy.

Will the resurrection of players become an issue to your Exploding Kittens games?

"Rather than watching a head-to-head battle of two after all others have dropped - all players can be involved until the very end!"

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