Tacocat Spelled Backwards; Exploding Kittens’ First Board Game

March 12, 2021 by fcostin

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For those who are a fan of the ever-so-popular party game Exploding Kittens (who isn't?! If you are not, you should check it out!), the wild and wacky brains behind The Oatmeal comics have newly released their first board game, Tacocat Spelled Backwards. A game of strategy, luck and instinct.

Tacocat Spelled Backwards // Exploding Kittens

The game is designed for two players and two players only, so you can enlist in a one-and-one dual in front of the impressive cat... who is also a taco.

Tacocat Spelled Backwards // Exploding Kittens

What I love about this game, is that the box itself actually has the board incorporated into it. So everything that you purchase becomes a part of the game. The box itself is quite sturdy and folds out simply to allow you to use the box as the board with ease.

Due to the nature of the game being titled "Tacocat Spelled Backwards", there is an emphasis on Palindromes. However, this is certainly not a word or spelling game - it just focuses on crazy creatures that are spelt the same forwards as they are backwards. For example, the cards include wordplays such as Too Hot to Hoot and A Nut for A Jar of Tuna.

At each turn, players draw a card from their hand with the hope that that card will be of the same value or high then their opponent in a dual. Once the player is on to their final card, they will be forced to play a lower card so they can get closer to the beloved, high and mighty Tacocat - as the winner is the one with the tacocat standee on their side after a few goes.

The game is very much so random, as are all of the other games produced by Exploding Kittens such as Bears vs Babies and You've Got Crabs. But like all of these games, they are certainly fun to play especially searching for the random terminology on each card.

Will you be giving this new board game a go? 

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