5 Claw-some Tabletop Titles This National Cat Day

October 29, 2021 by fcostin

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Since getting a Kitten, most of my tabletop experiences (and even digital!) have been switched up to a new level. Hard mode. Want to paint a miniature? Cat wants it in its mouth. Want to play a board game? Cat wants to lay in and on the components. The little devil may have been causing an annoyance to my hobby time, but he does make a pretty good assistant... for company anyway!


Calico - Image One

Calico // Alerac Enterainment Group

I recently discovered it was National Cat Day today, and wanted to point you all to the best of cats in our business. They may not make very good assistants, but their adorable demeanour makes those fluffy paws, bladed claws and dilated pupils make a great board and card game focal point.

One of my favourite games to play when I am chilling on a Sunday with my fluffy socks on is Calico. As the game is pitched for 1-4 players, the solo mode is quite a zen experience for when I want to keep my brain stimulated in a solo game without wanting to throw the board across the room.

Combining the adorable themes of cats curling up in quilts and puzzling tile-laying. With hopes to complete a quilt and win to achieve the most victory points. Players will create their own quilt to tempt the cat over for a cheeky cuddle on the cosy tile. Now, only certain cats are attracted to certain colours and patterns - so if you want to tempt over the Ginger Tabby, you better have exactly what he wants ready for him! Sounds true to life, huh?

The Isle of Cats

When the Isle of Cats was on Kickstarter, I remember telling Warren, Gerry and Ben that "I must save all of the cats". And boy, did I!

Isle of Cats // The City of Kings

Are you ready to take on a sea voyage to the Isle of Cats? It's not all as happy as it seems! It is not a yarn-ball filled, catnip grown isle of happiness! The isle is in peril and Evil Lord Vesh is on his way to level the place. 1-4 players will need to get as many of these kitties in need on to their boats, in an organised fashion I might add! Getting as many cats as your ship can handle, you will journey through different areas through a series of five rounds to equate a number of points to crown a champion.

Think you'll be able to save all of the cats too? Well, at least more than your opponents can! Or as many as you can in a solo game.

Exploding Kittens

If you do not have a copy of Exploding Kittens in your stash of games, I would be very surprised!

Exploding Kittens - Image On

Exploding Kittens // The Oatmeal

Players will be dealt a set of cards to which they will need to stay in the game. The game is against you, and so are your opponents. As awaiting in the deck for somebody to pick up is an Exploding Kitten - ready to knock you out of the game. These can be avoided with various other cards. But staying in the game is crucial, and the cat cards are a delight to read. Being described as a 'kitty-fuelled Russian roulette', there's no shame in being brave in a game of Exploding Kittens!

Cat Lady

Have you ever had a day where all things have become a bit too much? And you have considered just owning a clowder of cats and writing off humanity. Well, you can give it a trial run before you commit, because Cat Lady the board game will give you a test run at becoming a full-time cat mom.

Cat Lady - Image One

Cat Lady // Alderac Entertainment Group

This game gives you the chance to prove you’re the ultimate cat lover! Players will try to gain as many cats as possible by giving them treats, toys, and other goodies cats love. But just like with real cats, some cats will only eat one thing, or they don’t like to play with certain toys. You’ll need to make sure you can give your kitties what they want in order to earn the most points and win the game.


Coming last but not least, but maybe the smallest is Kittin. Bringing 4 players a chance to stack up some cute kitties in a dexterity experience.

Kittin - Image One

Kittin // Alley Cat Games

Stacking polyomino kitties upon one another, using these colours, players will need to duplicate the image to the little kitties. The fastest player to complete the card will need to exclaim meow, everybody stops what they're doing and if your kitty mountain is standing strong - then the card is yours. A quick game that is a laugh that will only last about 5-10 minutes, but great to have as a warm up game for something increasingly dexterous.

Although, I probably would not recommend Kittin around when there is a kitten around! But if you are indeed a cat lover and want to experience these fancy felines on the tabletop, there are plenty of choices this National Cat Day!

What is your favourite cat-themed game?

" They may not make very good assistants, but their adorable demeanour makes those fluffy paws, bladed claws and dilated pupils make a great board and card game focal point!"

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