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Firestorm Planetfall


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Warcradle Studios Acquires The Dystopian And Firestorm Settings


Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas find a new home.

Spartan Games Announce Firestorm: Strike Force


Spartan Games set out to create a fast, furious and ready to play from the box space fighter in their Firestorm setting

Spartan Games Next Dystopian Legion Kickstarter On Hold?


Spartan Games has heard you and have an announcement about their upcoming Kickstarter.

Spartan Games Show Off New Relthoza & Terran Mechs


Spartan Games have taken to social media to show off a few new Mechs that will be fighting their way into the world of Firestorm Planetfall soon...

Spartan Games Strike From The Skies In Firestorm Planetfall


Spartan Games have shown off what's flying in to support your ground troops for all of the factions in Firestorm Planetfall which is their ground combat game. See what you think of the models within which are looking exceedingly awesome...

Spartan Games Show Off Their June 2015 Firestorm Releases


Spartan Games have shown off what's coming to both Firestorm Armada and Planetfall next month in June. There's a whole range of new ships and a rather epic looking walker too...

Spartan Games Bombard Us with Upcoming Releases


Spartan Games have announced new releases for Firestorm Planetfall, Dystopian Wars and Dystopian Legions, bringing out all manner of goodies for each of these great games.

More Miniatures Hit The Dropsite for Firestorm Planetfall


Firestorm Planetfall was without doubt one of the most exciting new games of last year, but Spartan Games haven't dropped the ball with it and have released a bunch of images showing off the different helixes that will go together to make your army.

New Firestorm Set & More Planetfall For Spartan In 2015


Check out the new two player starter set coming your way for Firestorm Armada in January of 2015 alongside a host of new releases for the Planetfall factions as well!

A Relthoza Tank Destroyer Scuttles Into Planetfall


Spartan Games have put out another Planetfall preview, showing the interestingly insectoid Relthoza Tank Destroyer.

Spartan Games Show Latest First Looks at Planetfall


Spartan Games have put up three more first looks at upcoming models which will soon be appearing in Planetfall.

Spartan Games Showcase More Planetfall For 2015


2015 is shaping up to be quite the awesome year for tabletop gaming and Spartan Games have shown off some renders of the cool walkers, tanks and flyers that will be hitting the battlefield for Planetfall.

Another Planetfall Preview Swoops Down From Spartan Games


Spartan Games have published another preview of some of the new models that will be appearing in their game Planetfall. This time we take to the skies with the Ba'Kash Aerial Helix.

Spartan Games Show Off More Fantastic Models for Planetfall


Spartan Games' new 10mm game of scifi warfare, Planetfall, is currently up for pre-order, and to get us more excited for what else they have in store down the road, Spartan have taken a couple of snap shots showing off their new minis in action.

Prepare for Epic Sci-fi War as Spartan Games Launch Planetfall!


It's here, Spartan Games' long awaited game Planetfall, a 10mm scifi game based around armoured and infantry combat in the universe of Firestorm Armada, is up for pre-order!

More Vehicles Make Planetfall from Spartan Games


Carrying on from the cool infantry previews we saw recently, Spartan Games have published previews for some of the awesome vehicles that are going to be taking part in the battles of Planetfall.

Spartan Games Get Out and Walk in Planetfall


Spartan Games preparing to make Planetfall and have just put out a couple of new previews we can expect to see hitting the planets' surfaces in the near future.

Spartan Games’ Planetfall Terrain Gets Previewed!


Spartan Games have shown off some more of the Terran Alliance for Planetfall and they've delved into the scenery that you'll be seeing for the game.

Spartan Send In The Awesome Walkers For Planetfall!


We're getting a lot more previews of the Planetfall miniatures coming through and they are looking very cool indeed. What do you think of these mechs?

Spartan Games’ Firestorm Planetfall Mechs Spotted Online


See what you think of some of the massive mechs coming to Planetfall from Spartan Games!

Aquan Prime’s Heavy Skimmers Get Painted Up for Planetfall


Spartan Games are continuing to show off the upcoming tanks for the ground forces of Aquan Prime, and have just given their Heavy Skimmer Tanks a paint job to show them off for Planetfall.

Aquan Prime’s Battle Tank Makes Planetfall at Spartan Games


Spartan Games are currently hard at working bringing the mighty space battles of Firestorm Armada down to earth in Planetfall and have just revealed the Main Battle Tank fielded by the forces of Aquan Prime.

Spartan Games Call In A Directorate Gunship For Planetfall


See what you think of another painted preview from the folks at Spartan Games. Planetfall is looking better by the image and this is just one Gunship!

Spartan Games’ Firestorm Planetfall Gets Painted Up!


Delve into more awesome sci-fi battles with the (hopefully) soon to be released selection of troops, trucks, tanks, walkers and more for Planetfall by Spartan Games.

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