Spartan Games Next Dystopian Legion Kickstarter On Hold?

October 14, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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Spartan Games announced yesterday on Facebook that towards the end of October they were going to launch a Kickstarter for a new game based on their Dystopian World but in 15mm.

It was going to have a full range of troops, vehicles, and flyers. Well, the feedback they received on that post was not all favorable as many wanted to see their current games developed more and miniatures to support them.

Knowing the guys at Spartan Games and how they like to listen to their players and fans they took a step back and re-evaluated the campaign.

Today they announced they heard you and want to get your input, so with that in mind, they will be creating a small survey to send out to people to see what it is they really would like to see come from Spartan Games. I believe this is a wise move and will make many of their players happy as they will be heard with their concerns.

I hope in the near future we see more releases for both Halo games, Dystopian World games, and Firestorm Armada. All of their games have a die-hard following and we even see tournaments at Adepticon.

Do you think this was a smart move from Spartan Games?

"Today they announced they heard you and want to get your input..."

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