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Adventures Await In New Free League Ruins Of Symbaroum Books


Ruins Of Symbaroum, the 5th Edition-styled take on the Dark Fantasy world of Symbaroum by Free League Publishing, is getting two awesome new books. Many, many adventures await!

Want To Play A Tabletop RPG That Isn’t D&D? Try Out These Options


With the recent news about Wizards Of The Coast and the OGL, I thought I'd have a look at some alternatives for those who want to give a tabletop roleplaying game other than Dungeons & Dragons a go. Please, drop your own suggestions in the comments!

Community Spotlight: Titans, Sagas Of Symbaroum & A Military Bust


Dive into a new Community Spotlight looking at some Adeptus Titanicus, a huge roleplaying game project and finally a great piece of work on a modern military bust.

Venture Into The Haunted Wastes Of Symbaroum With New Book


Free League Publishing has started taking pre-orders for the newest supplement to be added to the Symbaroum roleplaying game collection. Alberetor - The Haunted Waste is a brand new campaign that takes you into the dark and twisted realms of this Fantasy world.

Enter The Dark Fantasy World Of Symbaroum In New Starter Set


Free League Publishing has started up pre-orders for a new Starter Set which lets you dive into the Dark Fantasy world of Symbaroum.

Explore The World Of Symbaroum With New 5E Starter PDF


The folks at Fria Ligan know that diving into an entirely new system can be a lot of work but you may really like the world behind it. So, in order to introduce people to the Dark Fantasy world of Symbaroum, they have put together Ruins Of Symbaroum: The Promised Land PDF which is tweaked to work with 5E. 

Weekender: FREE 3D Models, WIN Archon Terrain & 15mm Conan Miniatures Pack A Punch


Join us for the Weekender as we're giving away FREE goodies including a bundle of ace 3D Printed Terrain from Dragon's Crest PLUS you could WIN the amazing Archon Rampart Eternal Cathedral.

Stave Off Isolation Blues With The Free League RPG Sale


Hot on the heels of the recent news about the new starter set for Tales from the Loop the team at Free League Publishing wanted to keep people up to date with the various projects that they currently have ongoing. 

Dive Into Fria Ligan’s Symbaroum RPG For Free Right Now


Fria Ligan recently plunged themselves back into the world of Symbaroum which is a fascinating Fantasy world which is rich and interesting for roleplaying.

Journey To The Mother Of Darkness In Free League’s Symbaroum RPG


Fria Ligan are running a Kickstarter to fund the fourth episode in their Throne of Thorns campaign for Symbaroum, the dark fantasy RPG.

Explore The City Of Yndaros In Latest Symbaroum RPG Book


Symbaroum: Yndaros - The Darkest Star is the third episode of the Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns. Yndaros lies in the heart of the Ambrian Realm, and the adventure of the Darkest Star takes place during one of the most fateful periods in the history of this world.

Modiphius To Publish Swedish Dark Fantasy RPG Symbaroum


Modiphius have joined forces with the creators of Symbaroum, the Dark Fantasy RPG from Sweden, to bring it to English speaking role-players. Take a look at the cover and some of the key points about this system...

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