Weekender: FREE 3D Models, WIN Archon Terrain & 15mm Conan Miniatures Pack A Punch

March 27, 2020 by crew

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Join us for the Weekender as we're giving away FREE goodies including a bundle of ace 3D Printed Terrain from Dragon's Crest PLUS you could WIN the amazing Archon Rampart Eternal Cathedral.

Weekender: FREE 3D Models, WIN Archon Terrain & 15mm Conan Miniatures Pack A Punch

Download The Secret 3D Printing Surprise Here

Make sure you join us as we're talking Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000, Conan, Flames Of War, bundles of roleplaying games and more from our community too.

You Can Listen To The Podcast Here

Support Salute & Adepticon Vendors

First up, a quick update as we're asking folks to get involved and check out some of the vendors who would have been at Salute and Adepticon this year.

Check Out The Salute Vendors

Check Out The Adepticon Vendors

Make sure to check out a handful of these companies and consider giving them your support in these trying times.

Indie Of The Week - 6:25

This week we're feeling the power of Crom surge through us as we're taking a look at the awesome collection of 15mm Conan terrain and miniatures by Crom's Anvil.

Visit The Crom's Anvil Website

They have some funky terrain in the mix and there are even rules too for playing out your own games set in this world of barbarians.

News - 19:38

We've got loads of interesting news for you to check out this week from across the wargaming spectrum

Make sure to get involved and comment on any of these news stories which caught your eye from this week!

Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge 2020 - 51:56

We have also dived in and check out a bunch of Projects from OnTableTop which you community members have set up to take part in the Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge 2020.

Find Out More Here

We take a look at a few different projects which have caught our eye plus Ben fills us in on how his DOOM Project is coming along as he finishes off the figures from the 2016 Fantasy Flight Games board game.

3D Printing Is The S**T - Dragon's Rest Spaceship - 1:06:59

Make sure you come and check out the FREE download for the Dragon's Crest Spaceship which has been added into the mix by our friends at Dragon's Rest.

Check The Dragon's Rest Site Out Here

Download The Spaceship

This spaceship would be ace for those playing Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000, Corvus Belli's Infinity, Battle Systems' Core Space and of course Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Legion too. Don't forget about our awesome surprise pack of downloads too...

Download The Secret 3D Printing Surprise Here

As always, get involved and share your thoughts on everything we've been talking about in terms of 3D printing and have your say.

Kickstarters - 1:11:11

We have two Kickstarter projects for you to check out as well this week

Which of these two projects do you think you'll be checking out in more detail?

Competition - WIN Archon's Rampart Eternal Cathedral Core Set

As a reminder, we're giving away this excellent core set from Archon Studios which would be absolutely perfect for the grimdark world of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000.

All you have to do is Comment, Like, Share & Subscribe and we'll put you in the running to win this for next week. You can check out the Eternal Cathedral for yourself and then maybe tell us what YOU will be doing with this kit when you get it?

We are big fans of these terrain kits from Archon Studio and can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Have a great weekend of tabletop gaming fun!

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