Mortem et Gloriam Share Solo Play Rules For Ancient Warfare

March 26, 2020 by brennon

Plastic Soldier Company have got on board with the creators of Historical wargame Mortem et Gloriam and there will be a launch of a new MEG Compendium coming next month (fingers crossed!). With that being said, the team behind the game shared their thoughts on some solo play rules for the game as it stands to get you through this isolation period.

Mortem Et Gloriam Title - PSC Games

Here are the solo play rules are listed over on their Facebook Page. The only thing you need to remember is that you need the card pack available HERE.

  1. Use the CARDS. You will find this best as you can carry the pack with you as you move around the board.
  2. ONLY deal cards for any floating general.
  3. GIFT floating general cards those as normal to other generals.
  4. Then ANYTIME you want to make an action:
    1. Decide what you want to do in ADVANCE - move and troops.
    2. THEN draw cards for the general
    3. Make the best move you can with ONLY those troops and put any cards not used back into the BOTTOM of the pack you are carrying.
    4. Place any cards used FACE DOWN with the general
    5. Next time draw ONLY cards remaining in their allowance
    6. An allocated floating general card can be used instead of course
    7. Apply to ALL actions - so in EoT deal any remaining allowance and see what you can recover.

According to them, this adds a nice level of fog of war to the experience but also means that you can sit down and play some Ancient wargames without having to worry about having a friend with you in the same room. This might be a good idea for those testing out their armies as well as just playing games.

Whilst the new MeG Compendium is on the way soon you can still get your hands on the discounted MeG Starter Set: The Essentials To Play if you just can't wait. It should also be noted that The Plastic Soldier Company are going to be working on some new 15mm starter sets alongside ULTRACAST.

Mortem Et Gloriam Starter Armies - PSC Games

Mortem et Gloriam can be played in different scales (15mm, 28mm) but this gives you a rather nice peek at what The Plastic Soldier Company have in mind for those getting started in the game. As well as this Gothic Army there will be some Romans so watch this space! A Hunnic force is also in the works which will be interesting to see.

So, are you going to give those solo rules a go or wait until the new Compendium hits?

"...are you going to give those solo rules a go or wait until the new Compendium hits?"

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