Pre-Orders Now Open For PHALANX Games’ Successors

March 24, 2020 by brennon

Successors is a strategy board game which was successfully Kickstarted by the team at PHALANX Games and now it is available to pre-order as part of their BackerKit Program.


Pre-Order Successors Now

Created by Richard H. Berg and Mark Simonitch this is a two-to-five player game where you fight over the legacy of the mighty Alexander The Great. Throughout the game, you'll be moving in the shadows and in the light as you look to gain control of provinces and increase the number of victory points and element of legitimacy you can call on. There is a subtle balancing act to be had within this game as if you make too much of a show then you'll be seen as a Usurper and could be attacked by everyone without warning!

Mixing together all manner of different gameplay elements you'll be trying to barter and swindle your way into the right position. You might even take sides with someone early in the game before backstabbing them a few turns later. The ends justify the means as PHALANX have said!


This new edition of the game (fourth) brings back the classic card-driven mechanics as well as point-to-point movement and the management of upgrades across the board. Whilst PHALANX is in charge of the game this time around, care has been taken to respect and pay homage to the older editions by Decision Games, Avalon Hill and GMT Games.

As well as an updated and improved layout for the board, charts and cards there is also an updated rulebook which fixes a lot of the problems with older editions. There are also historical scenarios you can play through which streamline gameplay and shorten the time you're at the table.


It also all comes in a stunning box which features brilliant artwork by Mark Simonitch. You'll also find those magnificent 40mm plastic Leader miniatures which give the game a sense of grandeur which it deserves.

Pre-Order Successors Now

Make sure to keep an eye on this one and check back as we're going to be learning a bit more about this game over the coming weeks and months to see if we could be worthy of Alexanders empire!

If you backed this when it was on Kickstarter or played the older editions we'd love to hear what you think of the game!

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