Roll Out New Tank Packs From Battlefront For Flames Of War

March 20, 2020 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures has been looking to expand upon the options for Flames Of War and the British with a bunch of tanks! No doubt a lot of you will already have a lot of this armour in your collection but they have been resorted to suit the new release of the D-Day British.

Churchill Armoured Troop - Battlefront Miniatures

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We start with the Churchill Armoured Troop which was designed to move at the walking pace of infantry. It was slow and sturdy but able to knock out enemy emplacements and also protect the advance of soldiers on the battlefield. If you're looking to run a British Infantry Division then you could have expected 180 of these powerful tanks at your side!

Next up we've got the Sherman Armoured Troop. Everyone should be aware of the classic Sherman, a mainstay of many an Allied army during that push through Normandy.

Sherman Armoured Troop - Battlefront Miniatures

This reliable tank had a fine balance between speed, defence, offence and support capabilities and so was useful to both the Americans and the British. Most of the Divisions which pushed into Normandy could draw on Shermans as a resource.

We then move onto the Stuart Recce Patrol which gives you some dinkier looking tanks which you could throw into the mix.

Stuart Recce Patrol - Battlefront Miniatures

As you might have guessed from the name, they are a reconnaissance unit which would push out in front of your main force to scout for ambushes and such on the road ahead. They were lightly armoured and armed which means they couldn't stand a full-on attack but should be good when skirmishing.

Last but not least we have the Cromwell Armoured Troop.

Cromwell Armoured Troop - Battlefront Miniatures

This set of five vehicles give you some seriously heavily armoured options for pushing the attack. They have the strength to just burst through an enemy formation and pin them down before they know what has happened. They can also draw on the Firefly to take on some of the tougher German tanks too.

So, are you going to be snapping up these new tank sets for Flames Of War?

"Everyone should be aware of the classic Sherman, a mainstay of many an Allied army during that push through Normandy..."

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