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Terraforming Mars



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Embrace Solo Strategy With Terraforming Mars: Automata


FryxGames and Stronghold Games have recently previewed a new expansion for the monolithic board game, Terraforming Mars. Terraforming Mars: Automata changes the experience up and instead of racing against other players' endeavours, you'll face automated corporations!

Prelude 2 Expansion Announced For Terraforming Mars


Terraforming Mars is an absolute titan of a board game. It is a solid game by itself but it also features a HUGE amount of expansion content that changes up the game and adds to the overall experience. Despite all of the expansions, it's also a game that doesn't bloat and still plays just as well even with the kitchen sink thrown into the mix. So, say hello to the Prelude 2 expansion coming soon.

Getting Tabled Third Year Anniversary Trailer: Tune in April 1st


23 ‘Best Of Asmodee’ Titles Available On Humble Bundle Now!


Humble Bundle is teaming up with Asmodee Digital and Breast Cancer Research Foundation to bring Play Pink and many other popular tabletop titles to digital for a fraction of the price.

Deep-Cut Studio Release Terraforming Mars Gaming Mats


Deep-Cut Studio has released a selection of new gaming mats for those playing Terraforming Mars. This big strategy board game by Fryxgames took the tabletop world by storm and so these fan-made options give you a bit more of a luxurious setting for your gaming nights. 

Terraforming Mars Big Box Coming Soon With Fancy 3D Tiles


Terraforming Mars is getting another expansion on Kickstarter this week but it's not quite the same as usual.

BGG Art Series Posters Becoming Available Soon!


I love board games. I also love artwork that is to do with board games.

TINYforming Mars Miniaturises The Sci-Fi Board Game Hit


Designer Michael Bevilacqua and artist Cheryl Leon Levy have been working away on a neat two-player miniature version of the giant Terraforming Mars.

Organised Play At UK Games Expo 2019


UK Games Expo is only a couple of months away so let's get the scoop from two of the organisers about the tournaments and casual play you can expect to see.

A New Crisis On The Red Planet In Terraforming Mars: Turmoil


Stronghold Games have released further details about their latest Terraforming Mars expansion.

Event Tickets Go Live For UKGE


UK Games Expo, the largest hobby games convention in the United Kingdom, is going live with tickets for the various events that will be running at it this year.

Stronghold Games Announce Terraforming Mars: Legacy


Fans of Terraforming Mars will be excited to hear that, in a recent interview on Board Game Gumbo, Stephen Buonocore (President of Stronghold Games) has confirmed that there will be a Terraforming Mars: Legacy game coming to the tabletop!

Ten Games To Watch Out For At Essen SPIEL ’18


Ben takes a look at ten games and expansions that he's interested in checking out at Essen SPIEL '18.

Weekender: Win Ace PSC Games & End Is Nigh Challenge Winners Announced


We announce the winners of The End Is Night Terrain Challenge and find out what's new from PSC Games!

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