Prelude 2 Expansion Announced For Terraforming Mars

May 15, 2023 by brennon

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Terraforming Mars is an absolute titan of a board game. It is a solid game by itself but it also features a HUGE amount of expansion content that changes up the game and adds to the overall experience. Despite all of the expansions, it's also a game that doesn't bloat and still plays just as well even with the kitchen sink thrown into the mix. So, say hello to the Prelude 2 expansion coming soon.

Terraforming Mars Prelude 2 - Fryxgames

Terraforming Mars - Prelude 2 // Fryxgames

The Prelude expansion from Fryxgames for Terraforming Mars sort of does what it says on the tin. The initial set gave you different starting options and corporations whilst also making the game more asymmetrical, offering up new ways for you to play the game. It promoted different paths through the game and meant that you had some interesting decisions to make right off the bat. It's a bunch of fun.

The sixth expansion for Terraforming Mars plans to do something similar. It focuses on cross-expansion effects and also new prelude cards which have ongoing effects and actions that will start to change how the game develops even further. You've also got a BUNCH of additional project cards and five new corporations to choose from. So, lots more that will be familiar and a bit that will be very new.

Is this going to break the back of the already heaving Terraforming Mars? We shall have to wait and see. A lot of folks have moved over to playing the Card Game version of Terraforming Mars but for those still in love with the sprawling board, this might just be that little cherry on the top of your dusty, sandy dessert.

Will you be picking up Prelude 2?

"Is this going to break the back of the already heaving Terraforming Mars?"

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