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Vampire Hunters


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The Order Of Vampire Hunters Universe Expands In Ancient Blood


The next instalment to the Ancient Blood - The Order of Vampire Hunters universe is coming to Gamefound, with Ancient Blood boiling on December 14th

Vampire Hunters Smashes Stretch Goals In Final Days On Kickstarter


There's a few days left on the Vampire Hunters Kickstarter from Dark Gate Games, and they are pulling out all the stops as they are smashing through stretch goals.

Dark Gate Games Announces Crossover Mini For Vampire Hunters On KS


Dark Gate Games has announced a crossover mini in collaboration with Succubus Publishing. Nyx offers players the option of playing either an Elder Vampire or Vampire Hunter in their already well funded Kickstarter, Vampire Hunters.

Dark Gate Announces The Start Of Vampire Season – Tuesday On KS


Do you have what it takes to become a Vampire Hunter? Dark Gate Games announced their Vampire Hunter Kickstarter launches this Tuesday at 3pm EDT. Get your stakes, crossbows and holy water ready.

Bloodsuckers Strike From Underground In Vampire Hunters


Fend off attacks from below as well as above when it comes to fighting the bloodsuckers of Vampire Hunters!

The Vampire Hunters Get Prototyped & Painted Up For The Hunt!


See how the Hunters and Vampires are shaping up for...err, VHunters. The models are looking great right now for board game components and the boards aren't too shabby either!

The Vampire Hunters Get More Team Members To Go Stalking With


The British Vampire Hunting team gains more members; it's getting to be quite the geographically diverse group!

Check Out The Brits Joining The Deadly Vampire Hunters!


See how the British side of the V Hunters team is looking with some additions from London and Birmingham of all places!

Vampire Hunters Stumble Upon The Original Bloodsucker


See what you think of the deadly Original Vampire making it's way into the world of VHunters: Bloodlust. Not someone you want to meet in a dark alley right?

Vampire Hunters Bloodlust Gets A Revamped Look


See what you think of the revamped (see what I did there?) version of Vampire Hunters now subtitled Bloodlust featuring some very cool miniature designs.

Hunt Down Bloodsuckers With V Hunters Board Game Soon!


See what you think of this new Vampire Hunting board game coming out soon on Kickstarter!

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