The Order Of Vampire Hunters Universe Expands In Ancient Blood

December 7, 2021 by fcostin

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A true Gothic aesthetic is absolutely pleasing to watch come alive on the tabletop. Combining the dark themes of vampire hunters, 17th Century Georgian fashion built within a Victorian era and of course, Gatling Guns and tailored weaponry for days.

Ancient Blood - The Order of Vampire Hunters is going to be launching on December 14th over on Gamefound. Working as a sequel or to the original 2018 The Order of the Vampire Hunters from Dark Gate Games.

Ancient Blood - Image One

Ancient Blood The Order of Vampire Hunters // Dark Gate Games

If you have played The Order of Vampire Hunters I will mention that although the new title Ancient Blood will be shared within the same universe, and players familiar will find links between the two - but is a different game in its entirety. In a new story-driven game for 1-4 in across a variety of different playstyles.

Vampire Hunters - Image One

Witch Hunter Miniatures // Ancient Blood The Order of Vampire Hunters

There is not too much released on the upcoming title as of yet, but players will be making their way through a decision making narrative focussed campaign, by taking the role of Vampire Hunters. Now, if you are a fan of Bloodborne, you are going to love these miniatures. By the looks of it, there will be miniatures including heroes and monsters, and they nail the theme of Vampire Hunters on the head.

Ancient Blood - Image Four

The Barkugus // Limited Gamefoud Unlock

If you are interested in backing on Gamefound - if you back within the first 48 hours you will be able to get your hands on three miniatures, The Barkagus, exclusive to the campaign.

Are you interested in seeing what is in store for Ancient Blood: The Order of Vampire Hunters?

"If you are a fan of Bloodborne, you are going to love these miniatures..."

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