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Calico & Cascadia Designers Head To Retail With Verdant


Described as a 'puzzly-spatial' card game, 1-5 players will be hoarding their houseplants to create a happy home for both players and plants.

Create A Zen & Cosy Home In Verdant – Kickstarter Now Live


The Puzzly spacial game, Verdant is now live on Kickstarter. And players can help control and cosy-up their living spaces with plants, and home decor to find the ideal zen-space.

Create A Paradise Of Plants In Verdant Via Kickstarter Autumn 2021


Every so often, you will see a post from me that will combine two of my hobbies - usually one obscure hobby of mine combined with board games. Whether it be the combination of painting, sewing, peering into nature - I love the breadth of board games that are released nowadays. And that designers are combining some of the coolest of hobbies, with the concepts of board gaming.  Now, confession. I am a full-time plant mom. I spend hours within my day making sure that all my herbs and plants are getting lots of sunlight and are happy, healthy and well-fed. So when I found out that Verdant by Flatout Games would be heading to Kickstarter this year, I was filled with delight. 

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