Ogors Battle The Undead In Age Of Sigmar’s Feast Of Bones

October 21, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been showing off the newest set for Age Of Sigmar which follows the release of the Ossiarch Bonereapers with their new Battletome. Going up against the undead legions we have the hulking forces of the Ogors who are most likely annoyed that someone is stealing all their food!

Feast Of Bones Set - Age Of Sigmar

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The Feast Of Bones set which you can see getting unboxed in a video above comes with two armies for you to battle with on the tabletop. On the one side, you have the Ogors who are led by their new Ogor Tyrant model which we saw a good few months ago now.

Ogor Mawtribes - Age Of Sigmar

This set is made up of a lot of older plastic models as the Ogors have been around a fair amount of time in the Old World although their aesthetic matches quite nicely in with that of Age Of Sigmar and the Mortal Realms. Whilst I do like the Ogors I think the Gnoblars are some of my favourite models from their range and it would be fun to see them do something new with those little critters.

Arrayed against the Ogors we have the new forces of the Ossiarch Bonereapers. This force has a few older models within its ranks but the majority of models are the new plastics.

Ossiarch Bonereapers - Age Of Sigmar

This set of models features the Mortek Guard, Necropolis Stalkers, Morghast Archai (older models), and they are led by Vokmortian, Master Of The Bone-tithe. It's neat to see that we got another character model in the set here and whilst he is completely off the wall I think he looks rather cool indeed.

New Battletomes

Both of these forces are then getting themselves new Battletomes so that you can bring their forces to the wider world of Age Of Sigmar. The Ogor Mawtribes book is the one that was a bit of a surprise but it's nice to see it.

Ogor Mawtribes Battletome - Age Of Sigmar

This book brings together the Gutbusters (traditional Ogors) and the Beastclaw Raiders (the ones who are all wintery) into one book. This means you'll be able to run unique forces or perhaps ones that are a combination of both with some new rules and features included for each. Again, I'm also really looking forward to seeing how they explore Gnoblars and their role in Ogor society.

Of course, you also have the Ossiarch Bonereapers Battletome which will features rules for all of the new models, artwork and background on this mockery of the Stormcast Eternals.

Ossiarch Bonereapers Battletome - Age Of Sigmar

I'm not entirely won over by the artwork they went with for the front of the Ossiarch Bonereapers book. I like the arrayed ranks of the undead shambling forth but the taller model, the Necropolis Stalker, looks a little alone there in the middle of everything.

Feature Terrain

To add more character to your tabletops the team at Games Workshop has also been working on some new signature terrain. For the Ossiarch Bonereapers you have this fascinatingly grimdark structure, the Bone-tithe Nexus.

Bone Tithe Nexus - Age Of Sigmar

Positioning this in a place of prominence on the battlefield will unlock some seriously deadly additional options for your army. You will be able to punish wizards, weaken monsters and blast enemies using this as a conduit.

On the Ogor side of things it would seem fitting for them to have a cooking implement as the focus and, well, they got it!

Ogor Mawpot - Age Of Sigmar

The Ogor Mawpot is going to be a good place to stir up trouble, a broiling hot stew which will no doubt open up lots of good options for the Ogors as they march forth. You don't want to have an army heading to war on an empty stomach, do you!

A few more elements are also available including themed dice and cards so that you don't have to flick through the new Battletomes during gameplay. Make sure to check those out and let us know if either of these armies is appealing to you.

Which side would you fight for?

"Going up against the undead legions we have the hulking forces of the Ogors who are most likely annoyed that someone is stealing all their food!"

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