GW Bring Classic Sculpts Back For Middle-earth Lovers

April 23, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been very generous to fans of Middle-earth with a new selection of Made To Order models now available. Each of these looks back to their classic metal range providing you with a range of both Good and Evil characters.

Breaking Of The Fellowship - Games Workshop

The set that immediately caught my attention is this one, The Breaking Of The Fellowship. It gives you an awesome array of sculpts based on The Fellowship including Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli getting stuck into combat alongside some daring looking Hobbits too.

I really like that charging version of Boromir and Gandalf with staff aloft too. If I was able to get stuck into Middle-earth more often I'd so be picking this up.

Warriors Of The Galadhrim

As well as the Fellowship we also have some warriors to help build up Haldir's force. Here we have both Galadhrim Warriors With Swords...

Galadhrim Warriors With Swords - Games Workshop

...and also options for Galadhrim Warriors With Bows too. So, if you're ready to play out that alternative movie take on Helm's Deep you have some cool options now.

Galadhrim Warriors With Bows - Games Workshop

I really liked these sculpts when they came out and once you've got your hands on Haldir and some more of his Elven warriors you could run a very dynamic warband in either the big main game or something like Battle Companies.

Ranger Support

As well as the Elves we also have the return of Halbarad carrying Aragorn's standard at the Battle Of Pelennor Fields.

Halbarad - Games Workshop

He and many of the other Rangers Of The North found their way South to aid Aragorn in his struggle against the forces of Mordor. Infact, you can snag yourself some of those exact warriors for building up The Grey Company in game.

Rangers Of The North - Games Workshop

These were, again, classic miniatures that I loved when they first came out but never got a chance to pick up. I'd love to do a small but elite warband of these Rangers, ready to hold back the forces of Shadow across the lands of Middle-earth.

Classic Heroes

If you're looking for a leader for your force then you also have a few options with Faramir, Captain Of Gondor kicking things off.

Faramir Mounted - Games Workshop

He is armed and armoured here for that ill-fated charge back towards Osgiliath. I still very much prefer Faramir as a ranger rather than an armoured commander so this won't be making its way into my collection but it's still a neat alternative.

We also have a character that many probably won't know, Cirdan.

Cirdan - Games Workshop

Cirdan won't see a lot of time on the battlefield but he was a master shipwright of the Elves. He once held the Great Ring Narya but gifted it to Gandalf later in life. He can play the role as a Hero Of Fortitude in your games of Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

Evil Sorcerers & Stalkers

For the forces of Evil, we have two new options, starting with the sorcerer Kardush The Firecaller.

Kardush The Firekeeper - Games Workshop

Whilst the servants of Sauron were never truly given access to dark magics and spells there is a chance some Orcs might have learned under the Nazgul. Kardush here is adept at bringing fire to life, torching those that disagree with him...even if they are his own kind!

Last but not least we have some Orcish assassins with the Morgul Stalkers.

Morgul Stalkers - Games Workshop

Skulking around in the shadows, these killers are going to be deadly foes for your heroes to face, striking from ambush and running you through before your patrol even knows what hit it! I love their decidedly evil look (more so than normal) which presents a haunting visage!

So, what will you be getting from Games Workshop's new list of options?

Drop your thoughts below...

"So, what will you be getting from Games Workshop's new list of options?"

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