Steamforged Announces U.S Guild Ball Regional Championships

December 22, 2016 by stvitusdancern

With the new year brings a new round of tournaments and championships for some of our favourite games. Guild Ball is no different and of course, is perfectly suited for competitive play, it is a football game after all.

Championship Tier

Steamforged Games has just announced their 2017 U.S. Regional Championship plans and there will be held at the following locations...

  • Las Vegas Open February 3–5
  • AdeptiCon March 23–26
  • Southern Ontario Open  May 5–7
  • Texas Games Con June 2–4
  • MOM Con May 26–28
  • NOVA Open August 31 – September 3

But where does it all start, well that is the exciting part. The road to the championships starts at your local gaming store, they organise games at the first level and the winners from there will advance to the next level and so on. The only regional championship that will not work this way is the Las Vegas Open as there will not be enough time and so there will be qualifiers the Friday night before.

This is very exciting news and hopefully, we will see some incredible gameplay and cinematic moments during these tournaments. We will be at Adepticon and we will get you as much coverage as we can.

We look forward to seeing the guys at Steamforged Games as they are great to talk to and hang out with. The U.S. Championship is tentatively scheduled for SteamCon in September.

Have you built your champion team yet?

"With the new year brings a new round of tournaments and championships..."

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