Knight Model’s Harry Potter Moves To Webstore Pre-Order Set-Up

March 12, 2018 by brennon

Knight Models moved their Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game from Kickstarter to a standard webstore pre-order system over the weekend.

Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game - Knight Models

The move appears to have been made so that they can adequately use their own supply chains to deliver the product. The pre-order period will run from March 14th through till April 15th and will give you access to the Core Box as well as a myriad of Miniature and Adventure Packs which can be used to expand upon the Core Box experience.

Harry Potter Core Game - Knight Models

It seems like there might have been some backroom talks going on at Knight Models as it looks like they might have only been able to get the game sent out to the UK, US and Spain...which would have indeed been quite problematic when it comes to Kickstarter and it's international reach.

This may indeed have been a good decision from Knight Models as Kickstarter can be a dangerous place with something this big. Keeping it in-house like this through a pre-order system might offer them up an easier time when it comes to getting the product to customers.

Voldemort - Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game

The models are looking very cool indeed, and it still seems like you will be able to get your hands on some free stuff as well, much like you would have done with stretch goals had this gone to Kickstarter.

It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this move from Knight Models, and importantly if it has changed your mind as to whether or not you'll be buying into the game.

Drop your thoughts below...

"The pre-order period will run from March 14th through till April 15th..."

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