Victrix’s Early Imperial Romans Are A War Machine To Be Reckoned With

March 20, 2017 by brennon

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Victrix has been working hard on these Early Imperial Romans and now the fruits of their labours are almost ready to hit the tabletop. So, here's a peek at what's coming as they showed off how their Legionaries are shaping up as they march forth to do battle with the enemies of Rome.

Early Imperial Roman Legionaries

Here you can see some of their basic troops arrayed with their familiar shields and pilum. The set-up is meant to show your soldiers advancing, on the march as it were. You could just imagine how awesome this would look with their red shields all ranked up, ready to hold their own against the enemy.

This is matched with their Command element which can also be made out of the plastic kit.

Early Imperial Roman Legionary Command

Here you can see a few different variants on the men you could use to lead you into battle. I've always been partial to the cloaks and animal skins that you see on Roman soldiers so I reckon that would have to be my pick.

If you want to add some more high ranking soldiers into the mix they have also been working on Praetorian variants too.

Early Imperial Roman Praetorians

It seems like you're going to get a fair few options to play around with in this kit so if the idea of building a Roman army appeals to you this could be a great starting point.

What do you think of these Romans?

"...if the idea of building a Roman army appeals to you this could be a great starting point"

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