Lead Your Thorakitai In Hail Caeser With New Command Set

March 21, 2015 by brennon

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Lead your Thorakitai into battle with a new Command Set for the unit within Hail Caesar. Warlord's horns are blowing and your captain is directing you forward into the fray!

Thorakitai Medium Infantry (Command)

These infantry have been based on the evidence put forward by a tombstone of all things that was examined by historian Duncan Head. The unit itself was probably a very light regiment that fought alongside more heavily armoured units and came with both a shield and spear.

Thorakitai Medium Infantry

These soldiers were said to be dressed in 'Roman fashion' and would have been a successor to the large Phalanx of other nations where the pike would have been dropped in favour of them using a spear and throwing spears. I think it certainly pays to learn from the lessons of the Romans in military matters and being faster is always better than being dead!

Some really interesting troops!

"...being faster is always better than being dead!"

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