Khurasan Preview New 15mm Models From Across The Ages

November 16, 2017 by brennon

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Delving back into the realm of Historical gaming we have some new 15mm models on the way from the boffins at Khurasan Miniatures. Leading the way we have these 15mm West Sudanese.

15mm West Sudanese

The range itself is available for you to check out HERE and covers such civilisations as the Mali, Gao, Songhai, Bornu and Kanem Empire. This would have been a time when the city of Timbuktu would have been a great city and its armies were made up of all manner of different troop types.

Elephant Stampede

As well as this new range of Sudanese warriors we also have a look ahead to the Timurid Elephant which comes complete with someone throwing a flaming bomb!

Timurid Elephant

As armoured elephants go this one is looking rather neat and I like the style of it overall. I'd love to say that I know loads about the Timurid and how they fought in history but I must admit this period alludes me. There are still so many fascinating parts of history to explore when it comes to the tabletop.


Moving decidedly further forward into the 16th Century we have the Huguenot Arquebusiers who are employing firearms against their enemies.

Huguenot Arquebusiers

They wear French attire which fits the period and marks the start of them extending this range with the Swiss in the near future too.

What do you make of the 15mm range from Khurasan?

"There are still so many fascinating parts of history to explore when it comes to the tabletop..."

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