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Khurasan Raise More 15mm Medieval Soldiers For Your Army


Khurasan Miniatures has shown off some new Medieval Soldiers in 15mm that might be a good fit for your armies 14th and 13th Century.

Khurasan Give Us A Peek At 15mm Sci-Fi Range For Kickstarter


Khurasan looks to be wanting to head to Kickstarter with some of their 15mm Sci-Fi soldiers and is asking for help and information, both from creators and backers, on insight into the process.

15mm Hobgoblin Army Rages Across The Lands From Khurasan


Khurasan Miniatures continue to grow their 15mm range with a focus towards Fantasy with their newest release, a set of new Hobgoblins.

15mm Elizabethan English Soldiers Released By Khurasan


Keeping us focused in on the smaller scales for wargaming we have a look at the 15mm Late-16th Century English Soldiers for your Elizabethan era armies by Khurasan.

Khurasan Preview New 15mm Models From Across The Ages


Delving back into the realm of Historical gaming we have some new 15mm models on the way from the boffins at Khurasan Miniatures.

Khurasan Miniatures Call On The Beastman Horde In 15mm


Khurasan Miniatures have previewed the start of their Beastman horde which is going to be roaring into battle in 15mm scale soon.

Khurasan Do The Egyptian Alongside New 15mm Minotaurs


Khurasan Miniatures are delving back into their world of 15mm awesomeness with a bit of Ancient wargaming with these Egyptian Warriors.

The Gasgan Arrive From Khurasan Soon For Biblical Battles


Adding to the Gasgan range, for all of your ancient Biblical battles on the tabletop Khurasan has produced a new unit in 15mm.

Khurasan Show Off Knights, Far Eastern Barbarians & Sci-Fi Soldiers


Khurasan Miniatures has been dabbled in all sorts over the past few weeks with some previews of what’s coming on the Medieval front as well as into the far future.

14th Century Men At Arms Fight For Their Khurasan Lords


Khurasan Miniatures has shown off some of their new Men-At-Arms which have joined their 14th Century range in 15mm scale. Check them out…

Khurasan Reveal Their 15mm Prehistoric Rhino Riders & Hunters


If you’re looking to add to your collection of 15mm models with some Prehistoric warriors then how about these cavemen by Khurasan Miniatures?

Rain Down Arrows With Khurasan’s 14th Century Bowmen


Khurasan is showing off some new 15mm scale additions to their Historical collection with these 14th Century Longbowmen who are going to be raining down arrows on the battlefield.

Khurasan’s Hungarian Armoured Hussars Begin Their Charge


Khurasan Miniatures has given us some details on one of their upcoming units, the Late 16th Century Hungarian Armoured Hussars.

Khurasan Miniatures Preview Their Snarling Dragon


Khurasan Miniatures has previewed one of their big snarling beasties, which will be available in 15mm in the future.

New 15mm Cavalry Options Coming Soon From Khurasan


If you’re a fan of delving into History with the 15mm scale then you might want to check out more from Khurasan as they expand their collection with some new cavalry options for you.

New 15mm Middle-East Forces Gather From Khurasan


A series of modern troopers have been added to the webstore for Khurasan as they look to expand upon the forces fighting in the Middle-East.

Khurasan Tank Out A Pair Of Tanks For Sci-Fi & Modernity


Khurasan Miniatures have previewed a pair of tanks, each for a different type of game setting and scale, bringing your troops the the fire support of these heavy vehicles.

Eastern Zhou Period Chinese Take Shape From Khurasan


Khurasan Miniatures has previewed some of their upcoming models for their Ancient Chinese range. The Zhou Period Models here are the start of a new collection.

The 15mm Seydlitz Tracked Tank Rolls Out From Khurasan


The Seydlitz Tracked Tank from Khurasan is joining their 15mm Sci-Fi collection. This is a neat update adding more armour to their collection.

The 15mm Sung Chinese Range By Khursan Gets An Explosive Boost


The folks over at Khurasan have been adding to their Sung Chinese range in 15mm scale with some models wielding Fire Lances both on foot and on horseback.

Khurasan’s Monstrous Maggoton Get Ready For Battle


Adding to their 15mm Sci-Fi range the folks at Khurasan Miniatures have shown off a preview of their new Maggoton which will be getting foot troops and weapon-wielding beasts.