Khurasan Miniatures Showcase New Scav Tribes

February 20, 2019 by cassn

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Khurasan Miniatures have released images of their upcoming Scav Planet K tribes for Sci-Fi wargaming.


These tribes are as dangerous as they are skilled:

The leaders of Planet K’s Scav tribes are ruthless and cunning, and know to bring heavy weapons on raids to overcome any opposition.

These new 28mm tribes remind me of the people of Tatooine, and Planet K clearly has a similar desert terrain. Their heavy weapons probably mean they move slower than other foot soldiers, but will pack a bigger punch when they fire. You can get a closer look at these miniatures before they're released on Khurasan Miniatures on Facebook.

Do you prefer speed or firepower in battle? Tell us your thoughts below!

"As dangerous as they are skilled!"

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